September 15

5 Uses for the Best Water Bottle You Can Buy



I recently got the best water bottle ever! I have been a water drinker ever since my early 20s. I remember the time in my life when drinking water was a burden. At some point I learned about the health benefits of drinking enough water everyday and got my first Nalgene. There was a short transition period where I was forcing myself to drink my quota each day. Once my body adapted to a regular, adequate water supply, I couldn’t stand to be without my water bottle. I still can’t!

My mom recently introduced me to the Berkey Water Filter System. She has the Travel Berkey size in her kitchen, and then told me about the Sport Berkey Water Bottle. This thing is amazing! Before purchasing it I read this blog post and then I was convinced. After trying Berkey filtered water from my mom’s kitchen filter, I already knew that there was no question on the quality of the product and the results.

The Sport Berkey is a blue, lightweight, 22 ounce bottle containing its own water filter. The filtration technology is activated through a combination of suction through the straw and squeezing the bottle, although squeezing isn’t really necessary. You can drink through the straw just fine. Our 15 month old loves it, and has no idea about the squeezing. Every time she sees me with it she steals it and takes over.

I cannot say enough how many uses I have discovered for this water bottle. This isn’t just for preppers and hikers. Here are my favorite uses of the Sport Berkey I have discovered so far:

  1. Everyday use outside the home: I pretty much take my Sport Berkey with me whereever I go. I am so obsessed with having water with me at all times just in case I start to feel parched. Living in the Phoenix area, it doesn’t take long to start feeling panicked about getting parched! Rather than having to buy bottled water somewhere, I can go into any bathroom and fill it up from the tap and be drinking the highest quality filtered water for free!
  2. Everyday use at home: We currently live in a 2 story house. Especially being pregnant, I was getting to the point where I had to bring up 2 large bottles of water to bed to get through the night – and sometimes that was barely cutting it. I love bringing my Sport Berkey with me to bed. I don’t even have to worry about filling it up in the kitchen before I go up the stairs. I can just fill it up in the bathroom in our room as needed and it just simplifies the bedtime routine. Also, our kitchen water filter has recently not been working so good so the Sport Berkey has come in handy in the meantime until we get it fixed.
  3. Travel: One of the first things that came to mind when I got the Sport Berkey was using it at hotels. I usually go out and buy a bunch of bottled water whenever we go to stay somewhere so we can have filtered water at our travel destination. Now I just bring our Sport Berkeys (my husband has one too) and we are all set to fill them up from the kitchen or bathroom sink wherever we are staying.
  4. Hospital stays: I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant in my second pregnancy. I remember during my first delivery we brought a huge cooler with bottled water, among other refreshments. I was so glad we brought our own bottled water because the nursing staff just brought less than desirable tap water to the room to keep us hydrated. I’m so glad we have our Sport Berkeys this time. We can just bring them in and have filtered water the whole time without the burden (for my husband) of having to carry in a case of bottled water to get us through the stay.
  5. Babies/kids: As I mentioned, our 15 month old (Claire) LOVES the Sport Berkey. She gets all excited whenever she sees it and is always drinking water from it. I love it because I know she’s staying hydrated and I don’t have to worry about keeping track of a separate bottle of water for her.

There you have it! All the reasons I love the Sport Berkey so far! I would also like to mention that it is very low maintenance. It doesn’t require daily cleaning, as long as you keep using it on a regular basis. We did go a few days without using them for whatever reason and I could tell it was time for a cleaning. The cleaning process is super simple, as described on the Berkey website. We have had ours for several months now and I have only had to clean them once.

As far as the filter longevity goes, I calculated from the stats on the website that I should replace the filter about once a year if using it as my primary source of water and using municipal water supplies (which I intend to do). One of the more prepper-friendly aspects of this water bottle is the fact that it can be used to drink water from “questionable sources” as well, although in that case the filter would need to be replaced sooner. Happy filtering!



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