About Awaken and Begin

Welcome to Awaken and Begin! I started this blog several years ago to share my ideas about being healthy, remaining calm and centered, getting organized, and being productive. Now that I’m a mom, I’m making my best attempt at simplifying mom life.

I spent months coming up with the name for my blog and settled on Awaken and Begin because I thought it had a nice ring to it. For me it represents the idea that we all have the ability to wake up each day and take back some semblance of control over our own lives. To Begin to do what we actually want to do in life.

About Me

Hi, I’m Annie! I’m currently on a minimalism journey and decluttering everything in sight, and questioning everything along the way. I live outside of Phoenix, Arizona with my husband, our two girls, and our original fur baby, Shenanigans.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay awhile and send me a note if you want to say hi.