April 29

12 Affirmations for Kids That Will Make Them Feel Good


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I love affirmations. I learned about affirmations from the woman who started it all: Louise Hay.

If you haven’t read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, that’s my number one book recommendation for the day. I listened to this book on audio from the library a few years ago and I can still remember walking outside on a crisp, sunny day and listening to her tell me that I am enough.

Affirmations 101: I Am Enough

I am enough. You are enough. We definitely do not hear that enough. More often, we hear (through the grapevine) that this or that person made this or that comment about how we didn’t do something good enough. Or the ultimate blow: we aren’t doing parenting good enough.

I think it’s safe to say that every parent out there has gone through this, whether they talk about it or not. I could go off on a little rant about all the little things I have heard or been told directly about how I parent that weren’t exactly supportive, but this isn’t about the problem. This is about the solution.

I am enough. You are enough. Louise Hay would be proud if that was what we were saying to each other on a daily basis. This is a foundational affirmation that is perfect for kids to start with. Just think if all the adults in the world had been taught to believe this from the start. Or if all the kids today were taught from whatever age they are now to believe that they are enough.

I mean no one’s perfect. Certainly not me. But I think it’s ok to remind ourselves and our kids that we are enough. We are doing the best we can. We get to choose to feel that we are enough, and to strive to see that in others. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s a worthy effort.

And I am enough doesn’t mean we don’t continually strive to improve. But it does mean that we can make our very best efforts and feel content that we are doing our best, no matter the outcome.

It’s Never Too Late to Start

I haven’t been doing affirmations with our girls since day one. Because I’m not perfect. And sleep deprivation. And life. You can start affirmations at any age. No matter how old your kids are, or how old you are, it’s never too late.

I have been reading I Think, I Am! by Louise Hay to both of them since the beginning, which is a children’s book that teaches kids about the power of affirmations. We must have read this book at least 50 times by now. So I guess it’s starting to sink in. At least for me.

I also don’t “do” affirmations for myself on a routine basis (well, I guess now I am with the girls!). I’m not at this ultimate Tony Robbins level of managing my life. Yet. And that’s ok. But I do try to remember to run though positive affirmations in my mind whenever bad thoughts get me down.

Affirmations Balance out Negative Thoughts

The news. Ugh. I personally try not to consume too much because it’s just too depressing. But when I catch wind of the latest horrible thing that’s happened, rather than letting my mind spiral out of control into negativity, fear, anxiety, and depression, I’m now turning to my affirmations.

I think about our girls and how are they going to deal with their fears. And this is where I got my idea to start doing affirmations with them.

I’ve started running through whatever affirmations I can think of as I’m changing them in the mornings. I also do ABCs, counting, and other educational things. But I’m enjoying starting with the affirmations now. It’s good for me too!

Affirmations are good for all of us. If you know anything about Louise Hay, you know that she taught that we have the power to think whatever we choose. NO ONE can control what you think. You are making those choices. Yes, we react to our surroundings and have thoughts in response to what’s going on out there, but we are responsible for choosing how we let it affect us. We are making choices to dwell in negativity or positivity. We have that power, and no one can take that away.

Affirmations are there to help us regain control of our minds. So the anxiety and fear don’t take over and paralyze us.

I’m doing affirmations with our girls first thing in the morning because I want to give them that power from the start. I want them to know that they are enough. That they have the power to choose peace, calm, love, happiness.

We are all going to have bad moments and bad days. And times when even doing affirmations is the last thing we want to think about. Because we want to sulk for a bit. And that’s okay.

But we can always come back to our affirmations. When the sulking has passed, I want our girls to be able to go back to I am enough. To be able to pull themselves up and get on with their lives.

Affirmations Are Empowering

THIS is what I was most excited about when I learned we would have a baby. I want them to be empowered, from the start. To know that they are in full control of how they choose to feel and how they choose to live their lives. To know that no one can take that away from them.

These 12 affirmations are what I’m generally running through as I change them each morning. We currently have a toddler and a baby, so I am telling them the affirmations for now. Hopefully they will learn to join in as time goes on.

I kind of just made these up, and I throw in different things as I go. It barely takes a minute, but I hope as they get older they will have these thoughts running on autopilot, ready to do battle with whatever emotional onslaught is coming their way.

Top 12 Affirmations for Kids

I am loved.

I am loving.

I am safe.

I am protected.

I am peaceful.

I am surrounded by peace.

I am calm.

I am strong.

I am brave.

I am beautiful.

I am a good person.

I am good enough.

Bonus Affirmations

Because I can’t help myself, here are a few more affirmations I find myself saying to our girls on a regular basis.

I am kind.

I am a good friend.

I am patient.

I am living in abundance.

I am healthy.

I am happy.

I am creative.

I am thoughtful.

I am worthy.

I can have, do, and be anything I want.

Tips for Creating Your Own Affirmations

You can make up an affirmation for anything you want. I personally like to start them with I am as much as possible. I think this was the way I first learned how to construct an affirmation and it stuck with me. If starting with I am doesn’t flow, you want to make it a statement that is in the present tense, as if it is already true.

The main idea is to create a positive, short phrase that’s easily repeatable. Create affirmations about things that already are true or that you want to be true.

Ok now it’s your turn. Your challenge is to create a simple affirmation and leave it in the comments below. I can’t wait to read what you come up with!



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  1. I LOVE this post! We have been doing them with our 3 year old and he loves them. His favorites are “I am powerful” and “I am amazing.” Thank you for sharing some others that we can add in!

    1. Oh those are awesome! I will have to add them in. And it’s nice to hear what a 3 year old’s opinion is on the subject πŸ™‚

  2. Really loved it and can totally relate to it. Affirmations are so essential. And specially for growing minds of little children.

  3. These are great – short & sweet, which is perfect for busy parents like myself! There’s so much negativity in the world and this is one way to combat it’s effects ?

  4. Wonderful affirmation list for parents! It’s so wonderful to have positivity up your sleeve with kids. Thank you!

  5. These are absolutely lovely affirmations for children! I’ll have to use these with my kiddos! I need some affirmations for myself as well πŸ˜‰

  6. These are great! I love it! Kids need that extra love and encouragement.

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