Travel Yoga: Kundalini in Nashville

Every conscious breath is a meditation.” Yoga instructor Bethany at Kundalini Rising Yoga

I had been hearing about kundalini yoga from a friend for at least a year before I went to my first class. During a weekend getaway to Nashville this past June, a few weeks before my wedding, I took time Monday morning to go to Kundalini Rising Yoga.

The studio is a short Uber ride outside of downtown, where I was staying. I figured since there was a kundalini studio nearby, it was the perfect time to give it a shot. continue…

Wedding Planning Wednesdays: A New, Calm, Less Stress Approach

Over the past few weeks, I have calmed down a bit on the feeling that I am not on task with wedding planning. This is partly due to a recent revelation that we might be able to hold the wedding weekend at one location that is experienced in hosting weddings, rather than trying to coordinate multiple venues.

Last week we were contacted by the location where we got engaged. I told myself I would check into it, even though I figured it would be way too expensive.

After speaking with the catering sales manager at L’auberge, I was starting to feel much more content about the idea of working with one single location that has already crafted wedding packages, and that we know will do an over-the-top amazing job with every detail they touch based on our experience with our engagement weekend (oh, and did I mention they have free yoga?).

Planning Progress Status Update

Here are the items from my to-do list last Wedding Planning Wednesday and my progress so far: continue…

Green Smoothies & Juice On the Go

I got into making green smoothies in the NutriBullet earlier this year. I still don’t make them every single day, but most weekdays I am in the routine of making a green smoothie in the morning.

I have debated over whether to invest in a juicer. We had a juicer growing up, and I remember the mess it created with all the gross pulp. The cleanup made the whole process so much more labor intensive. With the NutriBullet, I can just put what I want in the cup, blend it for less than a minute, and be done! The only cleanup is a quick rinse of the blending cup and blade.

I would imagine the juicers today are much more user-friendly that the Juice Tigers and Juice Mans of yore, but for now I have settled on an alternative plan to at-home juicing. Perhaps someday I will become a more serious juicer and invest in one of these machines.

The Joy of Juice Bars

The first real juice place I visited was The Green Fork in New Orleans. I am sure I have lived within driving distance of these types of places for years, but never gave them a second thought. Despite my familiarity with carrot-apple juice, the idea of juiced vegetables usually turned my stomach and I didn’t give them a chance. continue…

How to Remain Centered While Traveling

Yoga is my movement of choice. More than any other activity, this exercise takes into account the complete person. Not only does yoga perfectly address the body’s physical needs for health and well-being, it also considers the need for balance of the mind and spirit.

After falling out of regular yoga practice for several years, I have noticed tremendous benefits from getting back into a practice in my own home. I currently don’t regularly attend classes at a yoga studio (although I plan to get back into that habit soon!). I have been keeping it simple with at-home videos, primarily those available on Hulu (Yoga Zone is my favorite).

Traveling Yoga Mat

Earlier this year I got the idea to start traveling with my thinnest yoga mat folded up in the bottom of my suitcase so I could maintain my morning routine of yoga and meditation away from home. It worked quite nicely, and got me thinking about taking it a step further and seeking out yoga studios at travel destinations on a regular basis. continue…

Meditation Mondays: Travel Yoga & Meditation

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Traveling for any reason usually catches us off guard and causes at least one, if not all, of our healthy daily habits to go out the window. I recently packed for a road trip and decided to try a few new things this time. One of them was to bring my yoga mat along for the ride in my suitcase.

Newly Prioritized Travel Items

Usually there is an option to take a yoga class at any travel destination. There are also hotels and even airports that cater to this world’s need for more yoga. I was especially excited about the “yoga channel” offered at The Argonaut in San Francisco. In fact, I went to the hotel’s website to see if they were still offering their “yoga baskets”, and I discovered that Kimpton Hotels offer yoga mats in some of their hotels. Click here to find other yoga-friendly hotels.

I had never thought to bring my own yoga mat on trips with me until I recently got the idea from listening to an author speak specifically about how to stay healthy while traveling. She was reviewing what you would find in her suitcase, and a folded up travel yoga mat was at the top of the list. continue…