Meal Planning Mondays: Green Smoothie in a Jar

A few months ago, I posted an idea for storing green smoothie ingredients ahead of time in baggies in the freezer for the week. I loved the concept of having almost all smoothie ingredients portioned out in the freezer. I didn’t love using baggies.

As much as I intended to reuse the baggies, when it came time to make a smoothie little pieces of ingredients would get left behind in the bag. Since I wasn’t refilling the bag right then, I didn’t want to save the baggies for reuse later. So I almost always ended up throwing them away.

I hate to waste baggies, especially for something like this that I’m doing everyday. They are not good for the environment and I like to be independent of using disposable things like plastic grocery bags and baggies when possible.

Green Smoothie Ingredient Storage

I had gotten some canning jars to can lemon juice from the lemons growing on our lemon tree in the backyard, and got the idea to try the pint-sized canning jars for storing green smoothie ingredients. I tried one at first, and it worked like a charm! continue…

Green Smoothies: Simplified

Green smoothies are awesome. That’s a fact. They actually don’t even take all that much time to prepare, but sometimes in the morning pulling ten different items out of the fridge, freezer, and pantry isn’t the most appealing thing to do. Not to mention that time may not allow for such things.

I got the idea to pre-prep green smoothie ingredients in baggies and store them in the freezer in passing from another blog (I can’t remember who now!) several years ago. A few weeks ago, I finally decided to try it out.

I started with just two. I wanted to make sure that all the ingredients froze okay. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it worked! Even the avocado froze beautifully (while perfectly retaining its green hue).

A few weekends ago I decided to go for it and prepared five baggies of green smoothie ingredients for the week. I would have done ten, but I ran out of baggies. continue…

What are the health benefits of chia seeds?

I have been putting chia seeds in my green smoothies and peanut butter banana smoothies for quite a while now, without really knowing their specific health benefits. I knew they were good for me, but if you asked me why I was putting them in my smoothies, I couldn’t have provided you a specific reason.

So I decided to investigate for myself, beyond simply reading the package label. continue…

Green Smoothies & Juice On the Go

I got into making green smoothies in the NutriBullet earlier this year. I still don’t make them every single day, but most weekdays I am in the routine of making a green smoothie in the morning.

I have debated over whether to invest in a juicer. We had a juicer growing up, and I remember the mess it created with all the gross pulp. The cleanup made the whole process so much more labor intensive. With the NutriBullet, I can just put what I want in the cup, blend it for less than a minute, and be done! The only cleanup is a quick rinse of the blending cup and blade.

I would imagine the juicers today are much more user-friendly that the Juice Tigers and Juice Mans of yore, but for now I have settled on an alternative plan to at-home juicing. Perhaps someday I will become a more serious juicer and invest in one of these machines.

The Joy of Juice Bars

The first real juice place I visited was The Green Fork in New Orleans. I am sure I have lived within driving distance of these types of places for years, but never gave them a second thought. Despite my familiarity with carrot-apple juice, the idea of juiced vegetables usually turned my stomach and I didn’t give them a chance. continue…

What’s in Your Green Smoothie?

I remember attending a seminar with “The Juice Man” as a kid with my family at the request of my mom. My mom has been into juicing ever since. We always had some kind of juicer around. I wanted to be into juicing growing up, but it always seemed like too much work to sustain on a daily basis.

The nice thing about green smoothies is that there isn’t some gross pile of pulp to cleanup afterwards like there is with juicing. It is a much more streamlined process to throw the ingredients in the blender and just rinse out a small cup afterwards.

Green Smoothies have really seemed to catch on over the past year or so. They make a great replacement meal for breakfast or lunch, or a treat in addition to usual meals. If you have never tried one, the idea of drinking blended spinach might seem less than yummy. I know I wasn’t convinced until I tried one. You will just have to give it a go to determine how it is for yourself, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the jolt of awesomeness that follows a good green smoothie.

Green Smoothie Basics

green smoothie ingredientsSeveral people have asked me what I put in my green smoothie. I pretty much have been making the same thing every time for the past few months, as follows: continue…