You Can Do Anything…If You Do It.

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Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough motivation. Not enough will power.

What if these go-to phrases were meaningless, and no matter how much time, money, motivation, or will power was or wasn’t available, anything was possible? Saying anything is possible is easier said than done. But doing anything is completely doable.

This is not a post to pump you up about how you can do anything if you put your mind to it. This post is about the reality of following our dreams.

The Illusion of Initial Excitement

Have you ever gotten a great idea, worked on it for a few days, and then just let it kind of fizzle out until the next big exciting thing came around a few months later? Repeat? (I am majorly guilty of this, in case you are wondering!)

There are so many things out there designed (or marketed at least) to fix us. Yet, so many things remain to be improved. What is that?

There is a major follow through gap when it comes to unrealized dreams. The dream is there, the hope is there, some work is there, but something is still missing. Otherwise, everyone would be walking around with near perfect bodies, jobs, and lives.

I can do anything if I do it is one of my new affirmations for reminding myself that I am not a victim. I absolutely can do anything, but doing what I want to see myself do requires a lot of work outside of my comfort zone. I can do it, but I will have to work for it.

And probably for a long time. Longer than a few days, longer than I might have originally thought it would take to “make it”. Likely without a whole lot of recognition for my efforts for quite some time.

Saying that I can do it if I do it reminds me that there is more to living a dream than simply envisioning what I would like to see. Then comes the hard part. The doing stuff part. When I would rather take a nap.

Working Quietly is Still Working

it takes a massive amount of motivation to make changes in our lives. We have to know exactly what we are working towards and have some serious reasons for getting out of bed early or getting sweaty for a workout.

And one time, one day, one week, one month isn’t enough. There is this snowball effect taking place when we repeatedly engage in behaviors that are leading us to a future we envision. And a lot of times the snowball effect is invisible. So it is really difficult to remain engaged in doing stuff that feels foreign and uncomfortable and often pointless.

But it is not pointless. The point is yet to be revealed. It starts to hint at us with little, tiny, almost unrecognizable rewards for our efforts. Even if that is simply feeling proud of ourselves for doing what we set out to do, even if no one else knows or sees the hard work we are pouring into our dreams.

We have two choices: we can do things that are an investment in the life of our dreams, or we can not do them. It’s pretty simple. Ok, it’s not simple, but it is straightforward. You either do or you don’t, and after five years have passed you will know which choices you made.

Not being capable of doing something you want isn’t the issue. The question is what are you doing to make it happen? That is what matters.


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  1. Meg Evans Jul 23, 1:03 pm

    yup, I have plenty of notes and drafts for interesting projects that need more work. I wouldn’t say that the initial excitement is an illusion, though. It’s real enough while it lasts, and even though it wears off, the projects still can get finished just by doing them a little at a time, as you say. So there’s no need to feel guilty about not doing them all at once!

    I have a self-help book recommendation for you: Refuse to Choose, by life coach Barbara Sher. It’s about enjoying all those ideas and interests without feeling pressure to get them done right away. 🙂

    btw, I don’t seem to be able to subscribe to your blog. I have tried a few times, but I don’t get the posts in my email. So I put your site into my feeds instead.

    1. anniehurley Jul 24, 11:47 am

      Hi Meg! Thanks so much for the book suggestion. You know I can never get enough self-help books 🙂 I will definitely be checking that one out and may even do a review post on it in the future.

      Thanks so much for letting me know about the subscription issue. I built the site myself and since it isn’t professionally done or pre-made I think sometimes some things are kind of buggy. I will definitely look into that and hope to fix the issue. I will let you know. Have a beautiful weekend!

      1. Meg Evans Jul 28, 7:23 pm

        Had a few more thoughts on this subject and turned them into a blog entry:


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