What is Mommy and Baby Yoga?

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Claire and I went to our first mommy and baby yoga class the other weekend. We loved it!

I had no idea if mom and baby yoga was a thing, but if it was, I wanted to try it. Claire is now about 2 and a half months old. A few weeks ago I searched on YouTube for a video we could try but didn’t find anything that interested me. I recently found out that there is a place in Scottsdale that offers mom and baby yoga and decided to give it a try.

Yoga, Baby Included

Modern Milk is a community wellness center that offers educational and fitness classes for new moms. It’s a beautiful place! The mom and baby yoga class is a fun way for moms to get to practice yoga, get in some baby massage and tummy time, and expose their babies to yoga.

The class I attended had about 10 moms and babies. Everyone had a yoga mat and had their baby on a couple of blankets for padding at the front of the mat.

We started class with a baby massage. I was so happy this was part of the class, because it’s something I heard about but wasn’t sure how to do yet.

First, we massaged our baby’s belly, hands, and feet. We then did some moves to open and close the baby’s arms and stretch out their legs while saying words like open, shut, far, and close.

Yoga & Meditation for Brand New Moms

We did some tummy time for our babies, then our instructor started guiding yoga for the moms. This was SO nice and welcomed. I have done a bit of yoga since Claire was born, but not very much. I even brought my mat to the delivery.

My poor husband had to tote it all around from the car, to the delivery room, then the recovery room. I never used it! But I think it has a security blanket effect for me at this point. I like to bring it with me wherever I go, just in case I have an urge to get down on the floor to do a child’s post or meditate.

We started with child’s pose in the class, and continued to include our babies by reaching out to massage their feet. After a sufficient amount of tummy time, we turned our babies onto their backs, and then moved into a very gentle yoga pose sequence (my favorite kind!) that included our babies along the way.

Our instructor encouraged us to kiss our babies as we chatarunga’d. We lifted them up and carried them with us as we did a warrior pose sequence. The older babies enjoyed being lifted up into the air, while I held the littlest baby close to support her head.

At the end of class, when it came time for shavasana, we were encouraged to take the opportunity to side-nurse if we were nursing. Since I wasn’t, I put Claire tummy down on my chest to snuggle. I closed my eyes and enjoyed my first meditation time since she was born. She complied. It was heavenly!

At Home Mom & Baby Yoga


This class gave me the confidence to do mom and baby yoga at home with Claire. Before attending the class, I had tried to include Claire in some at-home yoga by placing her baby blanket next to my yoga mat and giving her some tummy time. I didn’t know anything else I could do to incorporate her. But now I do.

I’m still trying to find some good YouTube videos so we can do more mom and baby yoga at home. I so far I have tried this one by Tara Stiles, and just noticed she has another one I will be trying next.

Years ago, I read a book by Deepak Chopra in which he described how he taught his kids to meditate from a very early age. I was so inspired by this, and knew the someday I would want to be a mom who provides my children with the tools yoga and meditation have given me in my life. I know Claire is a sponge right now and I hope that she finds peace through yoga and meditation as she grows to understand what we are doing more.

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