What If This Is Heaven by Anita Moorjani

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I recently finished reading What If This Is Heaven? by Anita Moorjani. I learned a few things that I would like to share.

Loving Yourself is the Most Important Thing

We aren’t taught a whole lot about self-love. We are taught how to survive in the “real world” and to be a good person and be good to other people. The importance of being good to ourselves or even how to be good to ourselves isn’t stressed as an essential part of being human in our society. Even though it is the most important thing.

I have learned and forgotten this lesson more times than I can count. After reading Anita Moorjani’s first book, Dying to Be Me, I felt really good about the concept of self-love. But then I got all caught up in trying to make everything perfect again, thinking that once I got everything done, then I would take time to take care of myself and do the things I wanted to do.

Backwards. We have to take care of ourselves first. Always. Because otherwise we aren’t living fully in the moment. Every time I stay up until 1 a.m. trying to get things done when I would much rather be sleeping, I am not loving myself. I am sending a message out into the world that I don’t value myself, that I don’t believe I am worthy of a good night’s sleep.

Every time I want to take a relaxing bubble bath but deny myself the relaxation because I feel there is too much to do, I am sending a clear signal that I don’t come first. This isn’t even about the Law of Attraction. It is even more fundamental and basic than that. It is about self-awareness and living in the moment.

Getting things done can be a joyful experience when we are feeling good and fulfilled, whatever that takes for each individual person, and no one else can know what that is for us. We are the only ones who can know for ourselves when it’s time to take a nap or a break. Powering through things, as tempting as it can be, is not an act of self-love.

Don’t Give Your Power to Anyone

Another major lesson I learned from Anita Moorjani’s second book is not to give my power to anyone. There are so many conflicting opinions out there, so much information bombarding us at every turn. How can anyone decide for themselves what is the best course of action?

I have been reading self-help books for many years now. I love reading them. I always feel so inspired. But sometimes I forget to check-in with myself and think about whether this advice is good for me. Does it make sense for me? Does it feel supportive or draining to follow this guidance? I have rarely stopped to ask those questions, but instead might feel bad about myself for not being able to live up to the ideal image that is being painted by “x” self-help guru.

This happens in our personal lives too. We have well-meaning friends and family members who like to provide their opinions about the way they believe we should live our lives. It can be even more difficult to field reactions to those opinions.

We are powerful. I recently attended a yoga class where the instructor insisted that our purpose in life as humans is to conduct power. When we give our power away by doing things just because other people say we should rather than checking in to determine whether it feels right, we aren’t fully living.

Anita Moorjani offers great advice on how to deal with this constant challenge. We can thank the person for their advice and let them know that we will take it into consideration along with all the other information we have gathered on the topic and then make the decision that feels right for us, asking them to support us in whatever we choose. Meditation is a great way to get quiet and tune in to which way is the right path for us to take next.

We Already Have the Wisdom Within to Heal Ourselves

This final major lesson is a natural extension of not giving our power away. The reason we don’t need to give our power away to others is because we already have the answers within us. We don’t need doctors, authors, or family members to tell us what to do (I’m not saying we don’t need doctors, but we can check-in and decide if a doctor’s advice is right for us or if we need to find another doctor).

When someone provides advice, it’s because that is what they would do if they were in our situation. Maybe it makes sense, or maybe part of it makes sense, or maybe none of it does. They have the power to run their own lives, just like you and me. We are equipped with the ability to make choices for our own lives.

Our bodies already know how to be healthy. The most important thing for healing is that we love ourselves, and trust our inner guidance. I definitely recommend this book for insights into how to tap into your inner guidance and more ideas for living a more awakened life.

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  1. Meg Evans Jan 29, 7:23 am

    This all makes excellent sense. I was looking for something to read on yet another dark winter morning to shake off the blahs, and this fits the bill. Thanks!

    1. Meg Evans Feb 8, 9:43 am

      Just popping back in to say I found the book helpful, especially in dealing with upset or angry feelings by asking myself why I felt emotionally invested in that particular narrative and what the alternatives might be.


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