What Gratitude Can Do for You & a Few Meditation Resources

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I have continued to enjoy the Oprah and Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience during week two, although I must admit I have not been meditating every day. I noticed that I am more likely to skip meditation on the weekends if I sleep in late. During the week, as long as I get up in time, I can keep up with the routine better.

Week Two Recap & a Reminder to Be Grateful

Week two of the 21-Day Meditation Experience has built on the inner calm created in week one. This week has been all about expanding happiness. As expected, there has been more of an emphasis on sharing happiness with others. Week two has focused on topics such as kindness and laughter. Other daily themes have included joy, contentment, and living with purpose, which are ways of life that lead to automatic expansion of happiness that extends to others.

My favorite meditation this week was the one all about gratitude. I actually just finished it as I am still a day behind. Oprah says the single most important thing she has ever done has been to feel gratitude. I have heard and read so many times the importance of gratitude, but am constantly in need of a reminder.

It can be too easy to get down about where we are in our lives, focusing on what is lacking rather that what is already great. My biggest struggle with gratitude has been accepting the things I don’t like, rather than resisting them. “What you resist persists” is a concept that I have not yet mastered.

Being grateful for, making peace with, and sending on their merry way those things in my life I am certain I could do without is my major work in progress. Focusing on the things we don’t want only reinforces their constant presence in our experience. Today, I received a gentle reminder to start the week focusing on being grateful for everything as a practice rather than trying to separate out and cling to the things I claim make me a bit crazy (thereby practically begging them to stick around). Is there any better way to start a Monday?

Meditation Resources

This week, several additional meditation resources have come across my radar:

More About Mantras

During week one, I started to learn about the mantras used in the 21-Day Meditation Experience. This week, I received an email with a link to a page dedicated to describing the specific mantras used in the meditation program by Oprah and Deepak.

Deepak has been explaining the meaning of each mantra each day during the meditations, but I also enjoyed having the option of reading about them in black and white. I am still not 100% on board with using these specific mantras in meditation, but I feel like I am starting to get it more after learning more about them over the past few weeks.

A Meditation Video

This video on You Tube is a good reminder of the scientific evidence behind the health benefits of meditation. I meditate because I enjoy it and I know it is good for my overall health and well-being from personal experience. It is nice to hear about the proven benefits as well, so if you still need convincing, check out this video!

A Meditation Website

Finally, I heard about calm.com from Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek. Tim Ferriss is a big proponent of meditation, and shared calm.com in a recent video with Kevin Rose. Calm.com is a website dedicated to providing calming meditation sounds, such as waves, nature sounds, rain, and other sounds you might hear at a spa. The page also has a beautiful visual display in motion to accompany the sounds, such as gently moving clouds or a beautiful sunset. I definitely felt like I was at the spa while it was on!

There is a timer feature built in so you can time your meditation duration. I haven’t tried it out yet for meditation as I am currently listening to the 21-Day Meditation Experience guided meditations any time I am meditating, but once this is over I will give it a shot and review the site in more detail.

Starting the Day & Week with Meditation

Meditation brings so much clarity to otherwise chaotic situations. It makes me feel calm, in the moment, and grateful. There is no better way to start a day or a week that I can think of. What are your reasons for meditating? Join the conversation! Namaste!


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