What does zero have to do with achieving your dreams?

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As kids, we all learned how to spell “good” and “God.” Wayne Dyer often likes to ask his live audiences: “What is the difference between good and God?” He then proceeds to hold up his hand, making a “zero” with his thumb and fingers.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but something that gets all mixed up in beliefs of how things should be. Speaking of how people think things should be, today’s post will be about one of my favorite topics: feeling the physical feelings of having already achieved whatever goal or dream you are working towards, as opposed to feeling down for not being further along.

It’s All in the Zeros

The other day I was looking at the number of followers this blog has on Twitter. I have recently been taking a more active role in attracting more of a following, so the number is now steadily rising.

I was looking at the number, and thinking about all the bloggers I have been watching on YouTube over the past week who have created followings for their own brands and businesses in excess of 10,000. Rather than feel sorry for myself for having only so many Twitter followers (less than 200), I told myself to add two zeros to the current number in my mind’s eye, putting my brand and business at the same level as those who have already achieved such a level of success.

Then I noticed how I felt, in my body, as if that were already true. If I already have 14,600 Twitter followers, how do I feel about my brand and business? How is it different than believing the blog has 146 followers?

I love doing this in all things. I first learned this trick from The Secret. I remember one of the speakers talking about doing this with your bank accounts. If you aren’t happy with the number you are currently seeing, go ahead and give yourself an extra zero or two. Now how do you feel?

A Trick on the Path of Transformation

Seeing our bank accounts or business followings grow instantly moves us out of the belief system that it will never happen into a mindset that sees the goal as very possible, even probable. We then give ourselves permission to take even the tiniest steps that could bring the goal into reality.

Adding zeros isn’t always the literal answer. If your goal is to lose weight, adding zeros to the number on the scale obviously wouldn’t help matters. But you can see that you can transform any number you are currently seeing in your mind. And the difference between the numbers in black and white at the moment and the ideal numbers in your mind is, well, zero! We already have access to feeling as good as we think we will someday, we simply have to allow ourselves to feel the good feelings and see the benefits unfold in our lives.

Transformation happens when we are ready, we accept, and allow the magic of change to work in our lives. Are there numbers in your life that are getting you down? Be your own mathemagician and transform them in your mind for now. Eventually, with the right mix of timing and diligence, they will change.

Please share below how you felt different when you changed the numbers you saw. Namaste!

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