What Do a Mirror, a Camera, and a Bridge Have to Do with Your Dreams?

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Where you are now was once in your mind. Do you believe that statement? Is it true for you?

It certainly is for me. All the things I like and dislike about my life are things I have thought about in the past. It makes playing the victim kind of difficult.

Whether I wanted to or not, I applied to pharmacy schools, went to one, graduated, got jobs, and everything I did led me to my current job. I created my current, and past, life circumstances. I look around at my house, and I think of the me only a few years ago, and am astounded that I am now living in a beautiful dream house. I am married – something I dreamed of for years. I have acne, still, after like 20 years of dealing with acne. I don’t have to tell anyone how often I have thought about acne over the past 20 years.

When I look at my life, and look around my current environment, I can tell you how I attracted each and every thing into my life, either initially or how I have kept it going in my life for however long it has been here.

It’s interesting to think of the law of attraction from this retrospective point of view. It makes it a little bit more believable for a skeptic because the proof of the power of thought is already physically visible. When we talk about the law of attraction and the future, it can seem like “yeah right” sometimes.

But looking backwards, we kind of can’t argue with the fact that we did certain things that led to our current circumstances. and all those actions were preceded by thoughts. Hence, manifestation.

After looking into the past to see what we have created, we can then look into the future and decide what we would like to create differently. And create change.

The Mirror…of the Universe

“What you see in the mirror is the perfected image of your current level of self-perception.” — Stephen M. Astor, This Is Your Year!

In his book This is Your Year! Purposely Engineering Your Breakthrough, Stephen M. Astor presents the idea of The Mirror. When we look into a mirror, we are seeing a direct reflection of our inner world. We created, and continue to create, our external reality.

Remember being a kid and discovering that if you angle the mirrors in the bathroom just so, that you can create infinite reflections? In his book, Astor asks: what if the mirror never ends? This immediately made me think of the infinite reflections mirror trick.

Look around you. What if everything in your life were a mirror? It feels kind of creepy at first to realize this, but at the same time very powerful. Everything outside of us is reflecting back what we are, or have been, on the inside. Our thoughts created what we are seeing as our current circumstances and reality.

The mirror of the universe shows us what we place our attention on. Our lives are revealed to us based on how we think. Because thoughts precede actions, and actions precede results which are all around us.

The Camera Lens

“Continue to see yourself in the photographs of the life you want.” — Stephen M. Astor, This Is Your Year!

Knowing how the mirror of the universe works, you would probably want to know how to change the countless reflections that are being reflected back to you.

When we visualize what we want, this must be done with absolute clarity. In This is Your Year!, Astor points out that the imagination’s distinction between clear and unclear visions is akin to the difference between a camera with a focused lens and one that is out of focus.

Do you want your future to be a blurry photograph or one with crisp, clear, sharply defined lines? Always remember to have a focused camera lens when envisioning the life that you want. Having a clear picture in mind makes the path between thought, action, and outcome much more streamlined and direct.

The Bridge of Your Imagination

“You alone are in control of where your mind goes, and what thoughts your imagination chooses to bridge into physical reality.” — Stephen M. Astor, This Is Your Year!

Once you have a razor sharp image in mind of where you are going, your imagination serves as a bridge between your thought world and external reality. In This is Your Year!, Astor presents the bridge analogy as a helpful way to think about how our imagination brings our vision into physical reality.

He says to imagine the things you want as passengers in the vehicle that is crossing the bridge. The driver and the vehicle are what you will be exchanging for the manifestation of your thoughts of your vision – what you will do to get there.

When you look around at the external reflection of your inner world, what things do you love, and which would you like to change? Create the future mirrors and photographs you want to see and be in, and use your imagination to transport yourself to the future of your dreams.

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  1. Meg Evans Aug 2, 6:58 pm

    I don’t try to precisely visualize all the details of my future, but instead put my energy into getting the most significant details firmly placed in present tense, while leaving plenty of room for random fun stuff to show up in those blurry future spaces. Of course, that is an intentional life design too!

    1. anniehurley Aug 3, 4:55 pm

      Yes, there is definitely wiggle room to continually edit the vision as we grow and come up with new ideas and preferences.


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