Wedding Planning Wednesdays: Where to Start?

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It’s after 8 p.m. on my first Wedding Planning Wednesday, and after a long day of attempting to get things done from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., still not a single step forward on wedding planning has been made. Unless listening to my “Wedding – Pre-ceremony” playlist on Spotify counts? At least it is a relaxing list (think Relaxing Instrumental Jazz Ensamble).

Do I even want to have a wedding?

This question keeps entering my mind as it goes in circles about where to start. Yes, I definitely want to get married. But the months of planning? Not sure I am up for the challenge.

The biggest advice I seem to be getting from people is either to to get a wedding planner or to elope. The ones who recommend the planner are deadly serious, while the ones recommending eloping are (mostly…i think) joking. We aren’t interested in eloping, so hire a wedding planner it is!

My answer is yes. I do want to have a wedding…but I want someone else to make all the decisions!

Wedding Checklist

The other day I decided to start from the beginning and Googled “How to plan a wedding”, which brought me to I signed up for an account to get their wedding planning checklist.

A checklist is just what I need. The website forced me to enter a date, so I picked a date in May as a guess (still not sure yet on the exact date or month). Based on that timeline, according to The Knot I was already 34 tasks behind out of 101 tasks! Yikes!

I was relieved to see an actual list though, because the only thing I have started on is the guest list and meeting with one wedding planner. I have been tasked with setting up meetings with two other planners for comparison purposes. I was hopeful to have gotten that done by now, but it still remains on my list.

This week, my goals are to:

  • decide wedding budget
  • finalize guest list
  • make appointments to meet with two more wedding planners
  • research invite designers
  • plan trip to Sedona to visit potential venues

I also received an email this afternoon from the Catering Sales Manager at L’auberge, after we submitted our blog post about our engagement to L’auberge Love Stories (it’s not there yet, but it will be). I will definitely be giving her a call. L’auberge would be pricey, but it is such a beautiful and special place, I at least want to consider it.


Well, he put a ring on it, that counts for something right? I have to remember not to get stressed about the wedding planning. Getting engaged has been a dream of mine for so long, I don’t want to forget that a major dream has already come true.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life everyday who is loving, caring, and thoughtful. We both understand that while the wedding day is special, what matters even more is how you treat the other person everyday.

While watching TV the other day, I looked over at the bouquet (now dried) that was on the dining table when Michael proposed. Cream and pink roses and a little bit lighter than Kermit the Frog green hydrangeas (or something like that). I mentioned that I thought those should be the flowers at our wedding, and Michael concurred. Decision made! There have also been talks of layered red velvet cheesecake wedding cake. Yum!

I am hoping that other decisions will come to us easily as we proceed forth with planning what will likely be a wedding weekend. We are both excited about it, but more excited to have found each other and to get to enjoy life together.

I am hoping to report back some semblance of progress next Wednesday. I also hope to have my plans better organized in Evernote so I can start to share how I am using Evernote to plan our wedding. Until then, any wedding planning advice anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. I obviously need it! Namaste!

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