Wedding Planning Wednesdays: A New, Calm, Less Stress Approach

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Over the past few weeks, I have calmed down a bit on the feeling that I am not on task with wedding planning. This is partly due to a recent revelation that we might be able to hold the wedding weekend at one location that is experienced in hosting weddings, rather than trying to coordinate multiple venues.

Last week we were contacted by the location where we got engaged. I told myself I would check into it, even though I figured it would be way too expensive.

After speaking with the catering sales manager at L’auberge, I was starting to feel much more content about the idea of working with one single location that has already crafted wedding packages, and that we know will do an over-the-top amazing job with every detail they touch based on our experience with our engagement weekend (oh, and did I mention they have free yoga?).

Planning Progress Status Update

Here are the items from my to-do list last Wedding Planning Wednesday and my progress so far:

Decide Wedding Budget

I am still working on this, but now that I have an initial idea of what a wedding at L’auberge might be based on the guest list, I am starting to get a better idea of what a realistic budget will be, and it actually seems doable!

Finalize Guest List

I started on the guest list about a week after we got engaged (in June), but haven’t been able to bring myself to finalize it. After getting a more clear picture of our desired location and how many guests they can accommodate (150), not to mention having a better grasp on how that number directly impacts the budget, I am starting to get better at narrowing down the guest list. I am now under 150!

Make Appointments to Meet with Two More Wedding Planners

The idea of hiring a wedding planner was honestly stressing me out. Now that we may use the services based on one location, I am not even sure how much more wedding planner research I will need to do.

Having made the decision to not have bridesmaids and groomsmen years ago in pre-engagement wedding discussions, we will likely have less to coordinate than more traditional wedding parties, especially if we are sticking to one location for everything. We certainly will need some type of coordination, but plan to look into options provided by the location before moving any further.

Research Invite Designers

I still have to do this. Preceding the designer search, I also have to find a photographer for our engagement photos. Another decision that was stressing me out was deciding on an engagement photo photographer. We originally wanted to get married in the fall in Sedona, but quickly realized that was too short of a timeline to plan everything since this would be a destination wedding for virtually all of our guests.

After looking at photos of weddings in Sedona the other week, I had the idea of finding a photographer in Sedona to do our photos and to plan a weekend trip there in the fall for the photo shoot (yay fall!). This way we could have photos in the location where we both got engaged and will get married, and can still get a chance to enjoy the Sedona fall and to tie it in to our wedding in some capacity.

Plan Trip to Sedona to Visit Potential Venues

We decided to visit Sedona the weekend after Labor Day weekend, since Labor Day is a busy weekend and we figured we would follow the rush and hopefully catch the venue people on a less busy weekend.

I am starting to feel so much better about the wedding plans! More than anything, I am so glad that the feeling that I was procrastinating and never going to get anywhere has subsided.

Leaving what other people think, expect, or suggest out of the picture, I feel so much more like myself in all situations, wedding planning included. I honestly haven’t had wedding planning discussions with hardly anyone, but being a partially recovering people-pleaser (still working on it!), I have all these ideas in my mind of what other people might expect me to do and that can get me down and seriously stressed out, paralyzed into inaction.

Thinking about our wedding from a place of doing things our own way, tradition and the way things are “supposed to be” aside, makes me feel so much happier and calm. And excited! I have said from the beginning that I want the wedding planning time to be fun and enjoyable, not stressful. We will only be engaged once! This is a special time to enjoy as it goes by quickly. And there is no need to rush what will go by quickly anyway. Namaste!

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