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It is really nice to go to a spa, but also really expensive. Day to day life can get stressful, and going to a spa once every few years, if that, isn’t gonna cut it.

Who says you have to pay a ton of money to feel relaxed? Here are a few around the house ideas to kick off a relaxing weekend, or break a stressful day:

Bubble Bath Time

A bubble bath is an experience in relaxation. Combine hot water, bubbles, music, candles, a book, maybe a glass of wine or even just a glass of cold water and you’ve got yourself a spa treatment right in your own home. I like to fill the bathtub until it is almost overflowing. Lean back on a bath pillow, and you are all set.

Keeping the bathroom clean is key. I remember an episode of Malcolm In the Middle where the mom decides she is going to take a bath to escape the chaos of her home and family. She pulls back the shower curtain and the bathtub is a disgusting mildewy mess. She then proceeds to scrub down the whole tub, and then finally gets to enjoy a bath. Although her messy tub was exaggerated for the show, I totally understood the concept of wanting to take a bath but then having to clean the bathtub. This is one of the reasons I am now motivated to keep the bathroom clean throughout the week.

Bathroom Steam Room

Ok, so you can’t really get your bathroom to steam room level, but yesterday I noticed how much steam accumulated in the bathroom while the shower was heating up. I usually don’t take this much time before getting in the shower, especially on a weekday, but since it was a Friday afternoon I had a more luxurious amount of time. I love sitting in a steam room and the way it feels to breathe in the steam. Talk about relaxing!

I noticed that although it was not as strong of a steam as a steam room, I could feel the steam while I was breathing, and it was relaxing! I probably won’t do this everyday, but maybe a few times a week when I have some extra time, I will let the bathroom steam up and enjoy a few minutes of breathing in the steam before getting in the shower.

At Home Yoga

I like to think of doing yoga as my way of giving myself a massage through stretching my muscles.┬áThis past year when I started getting back into Bikram Yoga, I learned that there are Bikram Yoga vacation retreats. I was so stressed, I was dying to get away to Mexico to do Bikram Yoga twice a day for a week. But I knew it wouldn’t fix my problems, and that when I got back home I would just be in the same stressed place. It was also a lot of money, and I ended up not going in the end. Instead, I made some changes, one of them being getting into the habit of doing yoga at home on a regular basis.

I like doing yoga at home for the same reasons I like doing other things to be relaxed at home. For one thing, there is a much smaller time investment. I don’t have to spend time driving to and from the yoga studio, nor do I even have to get dressed into acceptable yoga attire if I don’t feel like it. Also, there is no cost to do yoga at home. I am still interested in possibly getting into a once a week yoga class just to get out, but I have found that I really need yoga just about everyday, and it is much more realistic for me to do a quick 20 minute yoga video at home everyday than to try to go to a yoga studio everyday. I am happy to say that now I have a much more balanced daily lifestyle, and although I still might consider going on a yoga vacation retreat and would probably love it, I no longer feel desperate to get away from my daily life. Progress!


My favorite meditation position is laying on my back on a yoga mat on the floor, covered by a blanket. When I get in a good meditation session, I feel like I have just gotten a massage. About ten minutes in my entire body is completely relaxed. In the past I have sometimes paid for a massage and ended up feeling more tense afterwards than when it started. With meditation, I know I will always feel more relaxed afterwards, and it is available anywhere anytime, no appointment necessary.

The thing about many spa type treatments and experiences is that you not only often have to pay a good amount of money for them, but it also takes energy to make the appointment and leave the house to go to the place. As much as I like going to a spa occasionally, I also really like being at home. Even more than that, most days just don’t lend themselves to a trip to the spa. It is handy to have a few ideas in mind of how to shut out the stress from the day and bring it back into peaceful balance. Namaste.

What do you like to do to get back some inner peace on a stressful day? Please share your thoughts!

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