Travel Yoga: Kundalini in Nashville

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Every conscious breath is a meditation.” Yoga instructor Bethany at Kundalini Rising Yoga

I had been hearing about kundalini yoga from a friend for at least a year before I went to my first class. During a weekend getaway to Nashville this past June, a few weeks before my wedding, I took time Monday morning to go to Kundalini Rising Yoga.

The studio is a short Uber ride outside of downtown, where I was staying. I figured since there was a kundalini studio nearby, it was the perfect time to give it a shot.

My First Kundalini Experience

My knowledge of kundalini yoga going into the class was very limited. I had tried a video on Hulu once, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I stepped inside the studio.

There were words written on a whiteboard in the front of the room. I didn’t understand them or why they were there.

Since it has been a few months since the class, my memory is a bit fuzzy. But I remember that there was chanting/singing, meditation, and repetitive yoga moves that were borderline aerobics class.

It was very interesting to say the least! The words written on the whiteboard were the lyrics to the repetitive chant/song. It seemed like everyone in the class was already familiar with this particular chant, or at least the concept of chanting. The chanting and yoga moves were eventually done simultaneously.

I remember loving the meditation. And I remember feeling like I was getting a very challenging workout from the fast-paced moves. I also remember looking around and thinking how wacky yet wonderful the class was.

My favorite and most memorable part of the class was the Prayer of Love, Peace, and Light that our instructor read at the end of class. I thought this prayer was so beautiful, I went up to the instructor after class and asked her where she found it. She gave me a website, and I had it written into our wedding ceremony as one of the closing prayers because it seemed so perfect for the occasion. I adapted it slightly so it would fit, because I wanted it to sound like the officiant was reading it to both Michael and I and our guests (the original version uses “me” instead of “you”).

The Prayer of Love, Peace, & Light

Love before you

Love behind you

Love at your left

Love at your right

Love above you

Love below you

Love unto you

Love in your surroundings

Love to all.

Peace before you

Peace behind you

Peace at your left

Peace at your right

Peace above you

Peace below you

Peace unto you

Peace in your surroundings

Peace to all.

Light before you

Light behind you

Light at your left

Light at your right

Light above you

Light below you

Light unto you

Light in your surroundings

Light to all.

Doesn’t reading that make your heart rate slow down just a smidgen and your breath deepen a bit? I know it does for me, and I figured sneaking in a little meditation at our wedding couldn’t hurt!

I’m sure not all kundalini classes are like this one that I experienced. It might have been a special type of class that I attended, but it was definitely at a kundalini studio, so I would bet that at least some of the elements of true kundalini yoga were there.

I haven’t been back to a kundalini class since, mostly because I haven’t looked to find a studio that offers this particular practice. I really enjoyed it once I got over how different it was.

Have you tried kundalini? Does this at all sound like your experience? Please share your thoughts!

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