Travel Yoga: Flagstaff and Las Vegas

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 “Remember: You are your own fire keeper.”

– Rachel at The Yoga Experience, Flagstaff, AZ

A year or so ago I set a goal to start going to a new yoga studio each time I traveled. Sadly, I only sporadically kept this promise to myself and hadn’t been living up to my full travel yoga potential until recently.

There are so many great things about going to a yoga studio while traveling. Depending on the style of yoga, you will get at least some level of exercise. Whether it’s a strenuous class or a class meant for relaxation, there are physical benefits that are certainly welcome with the change in routine that comes with travel.

Every time I have gone to a yoga studio while traveling, I have been so glad I did. There is a serene ambiance at a yoga studio that you don’t exactly get at the airport or the gas station.

When I think back to the times I have gone to yoga studios while out of town, I can remember how the studios looked and, more importantly, how they made me feel. Each studio is fresh in my mind no matter how much time has passed.

While I have missed out on travel yoga opportunities over the past year, I am happy to report that I got to attend yoga class in both Flagstaff, AZ and Las Vegas over the past few weeks during weekend getaways.

The Yoga Experience – Flagstaff, AZ

Fall_leaves_flagstaffI met a friend from Las Vegas in the middle in Flagstaff, AZ a few weeks ago, and I’m so glad we made the trip! It was perfect fall weather and we got to enjoy a slice of what Flagstaff has to offer in our short time there.

One of our activities was a yoga class on Saturday morning. We went to The Yoga Experience in downtown Flagstaff. It was a flow class taught by yoga instructor Rachel, who themed the class around the balance of having a fire within us to drive us to do what we are meant to do, and also to relax and enjoy life. It was a challenging class and we definitely got a workout.

Something to consider when traveling: studios often give a discount for newcomers or might even offer a free class. We only paid five dollars each for class since it was our first time at The Yoga Experience. Also, free yoga is often offered through special promotions and events.

We learned from a friendly local (the people in Flagstaff are so friendly!) at a wine tasting that night that High Altitude Yoga had Saturday morning outdoor yoga in a park with a DJ and mimosas! Can’t wait to try that next time!

Lifetime Fitness – Las Vegas, NV

Just this past weekend we were visiting friends in Las Vegas and I got to try out a yoga class as a guest at Lifetime Fitness with a few friends. I had never been but the gym was very nice. Although the membership is pricey, I would have to argue that there are few better things to spend money on than improving health.

While I had told my friends that we would be attending a very slow-paced yin class (which I was looking forward to), we quickly discovered that I somehow misread the schedule because this turned out to be an incredibly challenging flow class in a lightly heated room.

The instructor themed this class around the concept of change. She was using the changing weather as a metaphor for what we have the potential to change in our lives.

I can’t remember ever being in a class that was so freestyle. She showed us several quite long sequences, and then turned up the music loud and said you’re on your own! We (newbies) found it a bit off-putting at first, given that we couldn’t remember the sequence and didn’t know what we were doing.

But I quickly realized that no one else was watching me that closely to know if I knew what I was doing. It was a very freeing feeling to be given permission to just do whatever I wanted on my yoga mat in a room packed with strangers.

So that is my recent travel yoga experience recap. I also went to my first Kundalini class in Nashville this summer that I will share soon. In the meantime – do you have a memorable travel yoga experience? Or even one in your hometown? Please share your thoughts!

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