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“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale

If you couldn’t already tell, I am kind of obsessed with personal productivity. Ever since I read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done several years ago, I have felt hopeful that it is actually possible to get on top of things and live a calm, peaceful life, free of the burdens of running late, losing things, overdue tasks, and unrealized dreams.

I have felt “on the cusp” of this state of awesomeness for several years now. Whenever I bring it up, other people tell me there is no such thing. I don’t buy it though. I know it is possible. It just takes dedication and time.


I believe that thinking there isn’t enough time is a surefire way to run out of time. I am pretty much always in a constant state of mind that there isn’t enough time.

I worry that I can never get it all done, because I have to stop working on my project to make dinner, wash the dog, or socialize, to name a few interruptions I have slightly resented for taking away the time I could work on my dream to get it all done.

I know that I can’t get everything ever all done, but I also know that I can get caught up and stay caught up for the rest of my life. I am very certain this is a possibility.

What the World Needs

I take a deep breath, and think about the whole world. It is a sunshiny day, and I know the whole world benefits when someone reaches a dream. There is a collective soul of the world that smiles and sings when someone realizes something that they were once told was not possible. We break through the barrier of impossibility to the other side where time and possibilities are infinite.

So, I figure time is infinite. There is an infinite amount of time for us to realize our dreams. We are not limited, and there are no boundaries. Well, why not?

Yes, I am a dreamer, and I like to believe in the fluffy, happy stuff that the sciency people have a hard time going along with because there isn’t any hard evidence or proof I can point to for saying it. I don’t really care. I can believe what I want, and no one can take that away from me.

The idea that time is infinite doesn’t make me feel like being lazy. It is the opposite. I feel like popping up out of bed in the mornings like a piece of toast from a toaster to get going with this beautiful day. I don’t even want to go to bed at night, except that I am tired. But it is kind of like being a kid on Christmas who goes to bed just because they are so excited for the morning to come.

It is reassuring to think that there is not only enough time, but there is more than enough time. We can do what the world needs us to do, which is simply to make it a better place. And we are given the time to do that.

So what are you going to do today? Namaste!

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