The Real Meaning of the Word Intend

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I haven’t looked this up. I’m not sure if this has been said before. But the other day I was driving and thinking about what I am intending to bring in to my life, and it hit me what the word “intend” really means.

I am majorly into feeling as if things in my life are already happening the way I want them to. I completely believe in the power of our emotions, even more so than the power of our thoughts (which are also intensely strong – it’s just that without emotions to back up those thoughts, their power is significantly diminished).

The Power of Words

Ever since I read How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield 10 years ago, I have struggled with getting the words to introduce my goals just right. I am slightly paranoid that if I say in my head “I want to go to Hawaii” I will forever be stuck in the state of wanting to go to Hawaii.

I learned from this book the power of stating things we are wanting in the present tense, as if they are already happening. So I could say “I am going to Hawaii” or, even better, “I am in Hawaii.”

Just because I’m sitting at my kitchen table in Arizona, who says I can’t feel as if I’m sitting at a table in a villa in Hawaii, or lounging on the beach sipping a frozen beverage?

I can be in Hawaii in my mind anytime I want. No one can take that away from me.

Since I am so particular about the tense (i.e., past, present, or future) of my affirmations, goals, dreams, etc., the idea of “intentions” has always slightly tripped me up. I wonder, if I am intending something, doesn’t that mean I’m acknowledging that it doesn’t already exist in my present reality? Wouldn’t it be better to forget the word intention altogether and focus on the emotional reality that it already exists?

Breakdown of the Word Intend

I now understand the word intend to be a compound word. As in “in-tend.”

When we are intending something or holding an intention in our minds, we are wanting to bring it into our experience. Hence the “in” portion of the word.

In order to bring things into our lives, we must tend to them in some way. My preferred method is through feeling as if whatever it is I am intending is already here. Like $100,000, for example.

How would I literally feel if I had an extra $100k lying around in my bank account? I pretend that whatever it is already happened and feel the feelings of it already having happened.

Give it a shot! This definitely beats worrying about the lack of money, or fretting about how this could ever possibly happen. It’s already done. It has already been taken care of.

When I think of the word tend, I think of a gardener tending to their garden. An experienced gardener (not that I am one, but I would imagine this is how it goes) doesn’t plant flowers and worry about whether they will grow. They expect them to grow. They believe in the infinite intelligence of nature to do its thing. Every day they do what needs to be done on their part to tend to the growth of their budding plant, and then leave the rest to the natural growth process.

Is it not the same with going to Hawaii or amassing an extra $100k, if those were your intentions? You would intend them by planting the seed (having the idea), and then go about feeling as if these things had already manifested into your present reality. Keeping your emotions, as much as possible, focused on the fact that this has already occurred.

Not on the lack of it. Only the existence of it.

Tended To Intentions Become Reality

It can be tricky stuff, but I love the idea that as long as I’m feeling good, good things are happening on my behalf.

I intend to go to Hawaii. I intend to bring in $100k. I am in Hawaii. I have $100k in my bank account.

The word intend is powerful and has a whole new meaning for me now. It is much stronger than a want or a wish or a hope or a dream. It is a real expectation that the outcome will match the desire in time.

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  1. Meg Evans Jun 13, 2:04 pm

    The root meaning of “intend” in Latin is “stretch toward,” which is pretty close to the way you’re looking at it! When we intend something, we have to stretch our mental maps and our activities to include it. 🙂

    1. anniehurley Jul 2, 6:03 pm

      Thanks for confirming my suspicions 😉


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