The Most Powerful Way to Realize a Dream

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When it comes to pursuing our dreams, there is a certain without a doubt knowing that must take hold. This supersedes all of the logical reasons it won’t work out, which well-meaning others may intentionally or inadvertently pass along to us.

It doesn’t matter if someone else has an opinion that you are not qualified, or that it is just not likely. And how, exactly, are they so well-versed in fortune-telling? I would like to know.

The opinions of others cannot hold us back. They might be a convenient scapegoat, along with other excuses of not enough time or money (all excuses I have used). But the real doubter, the only doubter who even has a say in the matter, is ourselves.

The Courage to Believe & Accept

If we don’t believe we can do it, then one thing is certain: we won’t. That is the most logical reason I can think of that something wouldn’t work out. Not because it is unlikely, or there isn’t enough money, or time. It comes down to personal willingness to believe.

Because once you believe, the doing becomes so much more bearable. Without belief, a dream might as well remain up there in the sky, at the end of the rainbow. But truly believing makes miracles, including our dreams, come true.

The most powerful way to realize a dream is to accept it. Not just in thought, but also physically. Want to lose 10 pounds? Close your eyes and decide that you have already achieved the goal. Then, imagine how you would feel if this were already true, and feel it now.

This technique takes away the feeling of lack that can quickly lead to frustration. Visualizing future success as if it is already here paves the way for some much needed patience on the path to a dream becoming a reality. No matter how long or short the journey may be, believing the goal is already accomplished makes taking the steps to get there seem not as impossible. It is the opposite. They seem downright probable.

Meditation for Transformation

I am using my meditation time right now to focus on three specific longtime dreams. Two of them are closely related, and I threw in the third as a bonus. I have recently finished reading Angels of Abundance: Heaven’s 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance by Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue, and have gained a renewed sense of clarity around what is required to achieve my dreams.

As I have previously described, I divide my daily 20 minutes of morning meditation in half: the first half I focus on gratitude for the many dreams in my life that have already come true and affirming my current dreams as already here in my life, and the second half is where I am focusing on creating and feeling the feelings that I am already in the place of having realized my current dreams.

It’s fun! The rest of the day, anytime I have mental downtime, I run through the related affirmations and physical feelings in my body of already being where I want to be. Let’s say you want to be a best-selling author. How would it feel? Just feel it, right now. Do you already feel elevated to another place of awareness? I know I do!

Final Thoughts

This feeling trick is the best source of fuel I have found to motivate me to do what seems impossible. It trumps self-doubt. It’s hard to argue that I have no writing ability or nothing to say when I am already a best-selling author in my happy place.

This week, I will be sharing a few other dream-realizing mind tricks I have come by to help me on my path. I hope you find a few to be helpful on your journey to make it all better.

What tricks do you use to motivate yourself to pursue things that seem unattainable? Join the conversation.

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