The First Step Counts

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“Some will. Some won’t. So what…someone’s waiting.” (SWSWSWSW) – Jack Canfield

Time is on our side. In the dimension of dream pursuit, there is nothing but time. Within all that time that patience buys is a stacking effect. It may not always be obvious, but it is there, waiting to work in our favor.

A person who enjoys any amount of success had to work for it over a period of time. The amount of time it takes to get there varies on an individual basis, but the principles of patience and “one by one” were almost certainly involved. A self-made millionaire had to save their first dollar, a popular blogger had to get their first subscriber, and a person who has worked for significant weight loss had to lose pound number one.

One by One

What if the millionaire decided a dollar wasn’t enough to save, or the blogger gave up because they didn’t have a thousand subscribers, or the weight loss person got frustrated by having lost only one pound? The first dollar, subscriber, and pound count as much as the millionth, thousandth, or tenth, if not more. You can’t get to a million without first passing one.

While recently reading Angels of Abundance: Heaven’s 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance by Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue, the phrase “Giving up five minutes before the miracle” kept popping up. I have probably heard this before, but hadn’t been paying much attention to the concept of never giving up as a guarantee of success. It is difficult to continue to work at something with no tangible guarantee of success. No signed contract or other promise that the hard work will someday payoff.

This is where belief comes in. We have to believe, beyond logic and reason, that things will work out as we are hoping. What is there to lose? If it is something we really want, we are better off pursuing it just in case it works out, rather than the alternative: giving up just in case it doesn’t work out.

It is so much more fun to live believing that something unlikely will someday, somehow workout. It’s like constantly being in on an exciting secret that will soon be revealed, patience permitting.

Waiting Out the Numbers

Ten pounds can only be lost one by one. Even if a person loses 5 pounds in one week, those pounds came off sequentially. This applies to anything that can be measured numerically. A social media platform is built one subscriber/follower at a time. Yes, 20,000 seems like a lot of subscribers, and totally overwhelming. Unless you look at them as happening one at a time. Then it’s just one, 20,000 times. A thousand dollars are saved one dollar, one penny, at a time.

Ever noticed how when you set out to save money, if you are diligent in saving, it happens much more quickly than when you weren’t saving? Seems pretty commonsense, but an easy lesson to forget in other areas that either aren’t as directly measurable or seem too overwhelming to start.

So, we are out there, on a nice, dewy morning, breathing in the solitude of the extra mile. Now what? How much further? How many more extra miles? There can only be one answer: as many as it takes. A marathon if needed. I am not about to deny the fact that there is such a thing as natural born talent or genetics, but I also can’t believe they aren’t in some way alterable.

This week has been all about what it takes to make dreams come true. Dreams aren’t just for the cast of Glee, professional basketball players, or the winners of Master Chef. These are real-life people, and there aren’t any super humans. You can’t tell me I am different than them. I won’t listen.

Have you seen the effects of waiting out a dream one by one in your life? Let us know below. We want to be inspired! Namaste.

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