The Christmas Tree Timeline: Is It Too Soon?

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When I was growing up, we almost always had a real tree, even when we lived in Florida. I insisted on it.

When I lived in my first apartment, I went to a Christmas tree lot and got a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree, even though I was going home for Christmas.

O Faux Christmas Tree

I resisted getting a fake for a while, but now I embrace it. Especially since we are usually traveling for at least one of the major holidays in November or December, it’s nice to be able to enjoy our tree in our home for more than just a few weeks.

I am kind of a Christmas nut, and listen to Christmas music year-round. If I have headphones in my ears, it is almost definitely an audio book, techno, or Christmas music, depending on my mood.

Having the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving makes me feel so peaceful. For one thing, I love it. I love the lights and the ambiance the tree provides the room. And it doesn’t bother me that the rest of the house is still in fall decor mode while the living room is transitioning to Christmas mode.

Getting (Holiday) Things Done

The biggest reason I love having the tree up early, though, is that it is such a relief to have that task done. Not that it even takes all that much time to put up the tree, but it is the thought of having to do it that it is hanging out there somewhere in that busy time of year when there are suddenly more things to do than usual. And it goes by fast.

This year, my sweet sweet husband surprised me when I returned from a trip on the first Saturday of November with already having the tree up! He knows me so well.

We decorated it together that night, and now it is up for us to enjoy well into January. Since my birthday is in the middle of January, I usually get a birthday Christmas tree extension for a few weeks.  Which also makes me really happy!

We will probably wait until just before or after Thanksgiving to put up the rest of the decorations. For those who do Christmas trees, I know there is an after Thanksgiving camp. I used to be in it. But now I am all for getting it done early because it is such a relief to be able to have it checked off the holiday to-do list. And who cares what anyone else thinks?

If you celebrate Christmas, do you have a strong opinion about when the tree goes up? Please share your thoughts!

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