The Beauty of the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

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Sometimes you just don’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything. Call it lazy, or call it smart, but I love it when I discover that a business delivers – bonus points if they do it for free!

My latest delivery discovery is the dry cleaners. I have been going to this place for about a year. I mean, I have been procrastinating on going to this place on a regular basis for a year.

As much as I have tried to get into the routine of going once a week or once every few weeks, I have inevitably let the to-be-dry cleaned pile of clothes pile up to the point where the closets are getting low on supplies (mostly my fiancé’s work clothes).

I also have tried to get in the habit of ironing his clothes, but so far, I have proven to fail at that wifely duty. Sigh.

Until I can pull it together enough to be a person who gets the ironing done, the next best thing is getting the dry cleaning done on time. I inadvertently discovered the other week that the dry cleaners I have been dragging myself to delivers in my area – for free!

How It Works

They gave me a hook to hang on the front door, so I don’t even have to be home or presentable enough to answer the door.

I simply place the garment bag they gave me with the clothes to be dry cleaned out on the hook on Fridays by 8 a.m. (prompted by a recurring alert on my calendar). Like magic, the clothes from last Friday are delivered to my door and the dirty ones swooped away by the magical dry cleaning van driver person.

The same quality of service I was receiving before, minus the guilt that I didn’t get to the dry cleaners this week, or dragging myself over there on a Saturday morning before 1 p.m. For the same price. On auto-pay.

I love it when something I have been struggling with getting done on a consistent, regular basis, magically gets into a system like this. Never to haunt my to-do list or mind ever again. I would consider this an everyday miracle.

I had no idea this service existed, but I am so happy I now do! Do you take your clothes to the dry cleaners? If so, have you checked if they deliver? Or are there other services you use that might come to you instead of the other way around? I am starting to think those mobile dog grooming vans aren’t such a bad idea…

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  1. Brittany Adamiak Apr 7, 8:31 am

    I need to find a dry cleaner that delivers ASAP. I can’t stand dropping off and picking up dry cleaning because it’s just one more thing to fit into a busy schedule. I also find that I try to push the limits on what I really should machine wash at home to try to avoid having to deal with the hassle of dry cleaning. I can’t believe yours delivers for free. That just makes it a no brainer

    1. anniehurley Apr 8, 7:33 pm

      For sure! I got lucky 🙂 Hope you find your dream dry cleaners too!


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