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I have been taking my energy more seriously over the past few weeks. By energy, I mean whether I am predominantly feeling positive or negative. Good or bad.

As I have been caring about how I feel as my primary goal in life, I am noticing that my mind is more open and receptive. I can see how in an uplifted state my mind is much more likely to receive an inspired idea than when in the depressed state.

I find myself turning away from negativity as quickly as possible when it hits. Or when I know it lurks around the corner.

I simply do not go there. I don’t allow myself to wallow in thoughts of wishing things had gone differently.

It is taking a lot of work. I’m using a lot of mental energy to retrain my mind to notice the good in situations, or to take the focus off of bad things altogether. I’m doing my best to let the setbacks fall away, because I know that they are not where I want to be.

Get Uplifted, Stay Uplifted

It is almost comical to me how obvious it is that this is better. That it is better to stay in an uplifted state of mind, because I feel that possibilities are opening up to me.

I can see that when my mind is going in circles, playing the same negative tapes over and over, there is no room for inspired ideas even if I wanted there to be.

Who doesn’t want to receive inspired ideas? I know I sure do. Everything I want in life is going to come from inspired ideas. I just didn’t know how much I was closing myself off from them by keeping myself in lower energies.

I can totally see how everything I want is going to happen by my staying in the place of feeling good. And I can totally see how it wouldn’t happen if I kept myself down.  The inspired thoughts want to come to us, but we block them out when we are feeling negative.

The Pathway for Inspiration

It’s like there is a direct pathway to inspiration. And negative thoughts form a gate that blocks it from getting to us. When we are feeling good and thinking good thoughts, the gate opens, allowing the good stuff to flow in.

I feel that there is an opening, that there is room now. And I see how there isn’t room for inspiration to coexist with negativity.

When something negative happens, I am acknowledging it and sitting with it for a minute, but then working to move on to the next thing. Because there isn’t room for it. Not when I have more to create. Not when inspiration is trying to get to me. I no longer want to close myself off from the goodness.

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  1. Meg Evans Jun 21, 1:55 pm

    Some days it’s harder to turn off the negative tapes than others; but, even on those days, just noticing what is really there in the moment helps a lot.

    1. anniehurley Jul 2, 6:05 pm

      So true! We all get into negative tape mode on occasion. The best we can do is learn how to recognize it for what it is and hopefully remember that it is a temporary state of being designed to (eventually) lead us to something better.


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