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Stevia is my beverage sweetener of choice. It’s no longer a question for me.

But you might notice that practically everywhere you go there is likely some combination of a handful of options: white sugar, Sugar in the Raw, Sweet ‘N Low, Equal, Splenda, and rarely Truvia or another commercial form of stevia.

Restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, airplanes. They virtually all have the same thing in common: no stevia. At least not the pure unprocessed form that I have grown to love so much.

You might find a more health conscious restaurant or coffee shop here or there that offers a shaker with a white powdery version of stevia. While it’s awesome that they offer a better choice, unfortunately the large majority of places I have seen do not yet.

There Is a Better Way

Over the past six months or so, I have been thinking a lot about how to make stevia more portable. I try to limit how much stuff I carry around with me in my purse, but decided there were too many times when I wanted just a tiny bit of stevia to sweeten my drink.

I did a bit of searching on Amazon and found a small glass vial that has become my constant companion. I cut down the scoop from a large bottle of stevia we had at home, and super-glued the spoon to the inside of the lid. The scoop would get lost in the bottle if it weren’t attached to the lid.

I was nervous about taking this little thing through airport security! I suppose it could look like some kind of unlabeled contraband. I am happy to report that after several flights, I have not been stopped.

I wanted to be able to bring stevia on the airplane (for my in-flight cup of hot tea), to coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. Yes, I am obsessed with stevia. It makes me so happy!

How To Make Stevia Travel-SizedĀ stevia_travel_healthWhat You Need


  • Cut the scoop that comes with the stevia powder bottle down so that it is short enough to fit in the glass vial and long enough to almost reach the bottom of the vial. I cut it with a good pair of scissors.
  • Super glue the scoop to the inside of the vial lid. Make sure you use enough glue so it is secure (I didn’t the first time and it was flimsy like a loose tooth. It was an easy thing to re-do.)
  • Fill glass vial with stevia, but be sure to leave enough room so the scoop can still fit back in.
  • Label if you have one. I have been carrying mine around unlabeled for months now and only this morning added the label for the photo. It seems so much more official now and makes me even happier than it did before!

And there you have it! Finally, a way to enjoy sweetened beverages out in the world without having to compromise on the ill-effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Aren’t you so excited?

Have you ever been at a restaurant/hotel/coffee shop and wished there was a better option available to sweeten your beverage? Please share your thoughts!

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