No Good Thought Is Wasted

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It can be hard to believe that our thoughts have any impact on our lives, especially when things don’t seem to work out, even if we were thinking positively. So why bother?

The Downward Spiral of Negativity

When my mind gets caught up in a downward spiral of negativity, I often don’t know how to get out. As much as I know that my thoughts impact everything, I am usually trying to figure out the right positive thought. I usually fail to figure out what the right thought is, and thus continue in said downward spiral pattern.

Example: My negative thoughts tend to center around what other people think about me. I said something stupid or insensitive, now I’m convinced that someone else is going around thinking how awful I am. Because obviously other people have nothing better to do with their thoughts. Or maybe I’m annoyed with someone else for doing or not doing something, feeling super entitled, and wondering why I wasn’t good enough all at the same time.

I want to go from that place of bad energy to the place of good energy where I’m creating a life filled with joy and love and letting little things go. But something stops me from moving forward.

Rather than simply let it go, I think that I have to figure out a solution to my created problem. The right solution, of course. I think about just sending positive vibes that person’s way and moving on with my day, but I want more. I want to feel the energy of a life filled with love and joy, and if I can’t feel positive, I don’t want to just fake it with good thoughts.

Good Thoughts Are Useful. Always.

This weekend I realized that no good thought is wasted. It’s okay to allow ourselves to think positively even if we aren’t feeling it. No harm is going to come from positive thoughts.

And it doesn’t have to be the right positive thought, or the best one. It doesn’t even have to match the current situation. I could be upset with myself for saying the wrong thing last night, and switch that thought to how grateful I am for my dog, this beautiful day, or my home.

Thoughts are powerful, yet also can be so simple. This whole world is built on thoughts, which is crazy to think about. We have control over the ones we choose to think and the ones we allow to flow down the stream.

I love the conveyor belt analogy. Imagine a conveyor belt running through your mind. You can choose the good thoughts over the bad just like you might choose items at a cafeteria or sushi bar. There is always a choice.

Yes, our egos will get in the way and do their best to keep us mired in negativity. It is definitely no picnic in the beginning, because the ego will want to win the battle. The ego tries to tell us that we should think those thoughts that are dragging us down, holding us back, and…how exactly are they doing good again?

Negative Thoughts Aren’t Necessary

A good thought is free. It is our right to think good thoughts just as it is our right to breathe. Even if someone disagrees with me, I can still think good thoughts the whole while, because no one knows what I’m thinking. I can send love to anyone that I choose.

Louise Hay has taught me about the simplicity of self-love and self-acceptance. When my mind tries to create a complex negative narrative about me and the world around me, my simple go-to good thought is:

I love and accept myself. I am worthy of love.

No need to figure out the world’s problems or be a part of the problem by contributing to the mess of negative thoughts that steeps our world. The solution is love. Every time.

Do you struggle with converting negative thoughts to good thoughts? What is your strategy to go from the bad thought place to the good thought place? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Meg Evans Apr 15, 5:42 pm

    Yup, just change the mental channel and let everything else take care of itself. worrying about how to get rid of negative thoughts only makes you think more about them.

    1. anniehurley Apr 26, 12:22 pm

      Yes! I like the analogy of changing the channel too!


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