New Year, New You

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Last year, my boyfriend Michael and I traveled to Los Gatos, CA for a weekend getaway over Valentine’s Day weekend. We traveled to a beachside restaurant one afternoon for lunch, and I happened to notice a picture of Wayne Dyer on the front of one of those free magazines in the restaurant waiting area.

Wayne Dyer is My Hero

I have been addicted to the self-help section at Barnes and Noble ever since I was in college, which is where I first found Wayne Dyer. He has helped me and so many people learn how to lead more calm and purposeful lives. The magazine was advertising the “I Can Do It! Ignite” conference to be held in San Jose, CA the following month.

I had never attended such an event, but was in such a stressed out place I figured it couldn’t hurt. As soon as we got back to the hotel room I went online to register for the “I Can Do It” conference (hosted by Hay House). While on the website, I came across the “Writing from Your Soul” conference to be held in Denver in April, also featuring Wayne Dyer. I went ahead and signed up for that one too.

Both events were so worth it. I learned about the first Hay House World Summit while I was at the writing conference. The Hay House World Summit was 10 days of interviews with many authors of books about leading a better life (including Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer). It was right up my alley! I listened to a few interviews, but unfortunately didn’t take full advantage of the free content provided.

Another Chance

Starting this Saturday, January 11, Hay House will be hosting a free 7 day webinar event filled with inspirational content, called the “New Year New You Now Ultimate Webinar”. Topics to be covered include meditation, improving relationships, finances, health, and organization. They will even have a yoga teacher! Need I say more?

Each day, the content is available free for 24 hours. Last time they also broadcasted a bonus encore of the content, but I am not sure if that will always be the case.

I am particularly excited that on Thursday Wayne Dyer’s movie The Shift will be available (also free). The Shift is Dr. Dyer’s film about healing with Portia De Rossi. I definitely do not want to miss this, as I have been meaning to watch it ever since he talked about it at the writing conference last April. They will also be sharing a different movie each day throughout the week.

Good Timing

Obviously holding this event right after the start of the new year will coincide with many people’s resolve to live a better life with the clean slate of a new year under their belts. The week of January 11 will be the final week of my mini-sabbatical. Although a large part of me is sad to see this month of awesomeness come to an end, I know there is more awesomeness waiting for me in the future. There is more awesomeness waiting for all of us in the future, following a lot of patience and hard work.

My birthday happens to also be during this week. I guess having a birthday right after the new year works out, because it is an exciting time of year centered around making positive life choices. This event is not only good timing for me, its perfect timing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who senses perfect timing about this event.

I get excited anytime I get a new book about improving my life. This is like that feeling squared. What are you most excited to watch during the Hay House New Year New You event? Please share your thoughts below. Namaste!


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