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Do you do want to practice yoga, but struggle to find the time to get to a yoga studio? While studios are great and live instructors invaluable for teaching proper technique and making pose adjustments, I think of yoga studios as supplemental to my  yoga practice at home.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. I am by no means an expert. I started going to yoga at the gym in college just once a week. I played around with some of the poses at home occasionally, but didn’t have the confidence or resources to develop a true at-home practice.

Over the years, I continued to go to studios here and there, and probably have stretches of years where I didn’t step a toe in a studio. I also haven’t had a regular practice of daily at-home yoga until recent years.

Hulu and YouTube revived my yoga practice! For the longest time I did 20 minute videos by Yoga Zone on Hulu. They were my favorite. They don’t seem to be on Hulu anymore, but you can still find them on YouTube.

One of my greatest barriers to ensuring I do yoga just about everyday has been time. Some days 20 minutes for yoga just doesn’t seem feasible, especially when I really love my 20 minutes of meditation. Given the choice between practicing yoga or meditation, I will probably choose to meditate for 20 minutes and skip yoga that day.

Until now. I am so happy to have discovered Sarah Beth Yoga on YouTube! Sarah Beth offers yoga routines of varying lengths on her channel, among many other how-to and yoga tip style videos that I am excited to explore.

If you are pressed for time, Sarah Beth offers a 5 minute yoga video. In the video, she says you don’t even need a mat for this routine. These poses could even be done in bed! I believe anyone could do this video, even if they have never tried yoga before.

I turn to this video when I feel like I don’t have time for a longer routine that day. I probably did this video everyday for at least a week, maybe two (I did this one this morning!). I feel that I get a full body stretch and feel more alert after the 5 minutes are up than I did before doing the poses.

The 10 minute up the wall restorative routine is pure bliss. I loved this video so much I probably did it most days for a month straight. I got addicted to this one before I knew the 5 minute video existed, and 10 minutes also seemed like a doable amount of time to squeeze in on a day that didn’t seem to have time for yoga.

What I love about the 5 and 10 minute videos is that they are done completely on the floor (one of the major things I love about meditation too!). I almost always practice yoga and meditation first thing in the morning, and usually it is pretty early. If I’m not feeling particularly pumped about being out of bed just yet, these videos are a perfect way to get my body and mind in gear for the day, while still laying down.

What are your favorite yoga videos? If you don’t have any, give one of these a try and share your thoughts below!

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