Moving Series: How to Use Evernote to Coordinate a Move

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Evernote has come to be my constant planning and idea capturing companion. When it came to all the little things that add up to the one big thing that is a household move, I immediately turned to my friend Evernote to help me manage it all.

A move is not just one day that happens and then goes away nicely. There are weeks and possibly months of planning and preparations leading up to the big day, and then more weeks and possibly months to follow filled with remaining transition-type tasks and activities.

I have written a lot previously about my hipster and how the Evernote app serves as my one single planner in life. For the move, I am using my reminders and rituals notebooks to keep track of tasks I want to make sure get done. My boyfriend Michael and I also have a few shared notebooks which are helpful for storing information we both want to be able to access.

Today I will go through each of my current Evernote notebooks that contain information related to the move, and how they are being used.

Shared Reference

organized-moveThe Shared Reference notebook, as the name implies, is shared between Michael and I. I created one new note called “Home – Apartment”. While we are house hunting, it made the most financial sense to get into an apartment temporarily with a month-to-month lease. Everything related to the apartment goes into this notebook, including a copy of the lease, login information for the apartment website, and login information for utility websites. I created a template to show how I set up this note here.


reminders - move logoMy reminders notebook is where I keep any new tasks that come into my personal life. I try to keep this list as short as possible, and continue to aim to get it emptied on a regular basis (not there yet, but still working on it!). Once an item is complete, I simply delete it from the notebook (an amazing feeling!). The image above is an example of some items that I kept track of in my reminders notebook throughout the move.

There were way more calls than what I have listed, and I will have plenty more in my future as we move into a new home. For about a week I used part of my lunch break to make about three calls a day (that was about the most I could take at a time). Right now I feel pretty much on track, just anxious to find the new house!


organized-moveSo as not to overwhelm myself with a bazillion tasks on my to-do (reminders) list, I have come up with a system that works for me with my rituals notebook. These would be reoccurring tasks. Within the rituals notebook, I have developed a system for tracking items that need to be kept track of, but that aren’t necessarily actionable at the present moment. The reason I have them listed in rituals is because it is my intention to review this list daily, in an attempt to prevent things from falling through the cracks.

Since these are items a person wouldn’t want to lose in the shuffle, I created a note called “Daily – Pending / Follow-up” within this notebook. These are all things I want to remember to do once we reach a moving milestone, but since it would overwhelm me to have 50 things on my to-do list, I keep them tucked away in another location until they become actionable. Right now, it is a pretty long bulleted list, and I am sure incomplete. But this way, I have one consistent, reliable place to record future move-related tasks when I think of them, but don’t feel the pressure the get them off my list until it is their time.

Location Search

organized-moveFinally, the Location Search notebook contains the bulk of the information about the move. This is also a shared notebook. There are multiple notes in this notebook to keep track of a lot of little things related to the move, including keeping track of items to transport between new and old homes during the move, shared tasks to accomplish during the move, and information related to our moving container through PODS. Click here for a few examples of notes contained within this notebook.

This move is far from perfect, but we are doing the best we can to stay organized along the way. It might be a lot more chaotic without the help of Evernote. For that reason, I am grateful!

How do you keep track of things related to a move? Please share your thoughts below! Namaste!

Photo Credit: steffy. via Compfight cc

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