Moving Series: 7 Things to Do After a Move

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“The middle of every successful project looks like a disaster.” – Rosabeth Moss Cantor

We moved into our new home the Friday before Memorial Day, and got engaged that same evening in Sedona, AZ. It probably isn’t surprising that it has taken almost two months to get settled into our new home, and hardly one item of wedding planning has happened.

Over the past few weeks, I have started to feel overwhelmed by the various tasks associated with moving that I wanted to have completed by now, as well as the wedding plans that I have the same feelings about. Today I am planning to wrap up my post-move tasks and to also move forward on wedding plans and other personal tasks over the next few weeks.

Ever since before we moved, I have kept a list of things to do before, during, and after our move. Looking back, I am grateful that we have accomplished so much. I tend to feel bogged down by unfinished tasks and projects, but when I look back at what has already been completed, I can remember feeling the same bogged down feeling when things that are now complete were incomplete.

For example, when we lived in a temporary apartment and were looking for a house, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed by the task of finding a home that we liked. Fast forward a few months, and here we are! I have to remind myself that projects in progress often feel uncomfortable, and become comfortable with that temporary feeling of discomfort.

Here are a few items either already complete or currently on my reminders list related to our move:

Post-moving Reminders Lists

1. Reverse Welcome Wagon

One of the major items on our list of things to do after moving into our new home was to host a Reverse Welcome Wagon. That took about two weeks of planning and turned out to be a success. Now that we have met the neighbors, it’s time to finish the process of settling into our new home and town.

2. Address Changes

Some address changes happened along the way out of necessity, like the bank hosting the house mortgage, utility bills, and organizations that I had to call for other reasons after we moved who asked if there was an updated address. However, I haven’t sat down with my list of places that I need to update our address for (of course I have had a list for the past three months!) and actually made those changes yet. I plan to complete this task by the end of the month.

3. Go to the DMV

Haven’t done this yet either! We moved to Arizona in March, but I didn’t want to get a new license until we had our permanent home address. I was so close to motivating myself to go last week, but ended up putting it off for one more week. This week is the week!

4. Organize the Garage

This is one of those things that may not get done for several years, if ever. I am so very lucky to have an amazing fiancé who spent the majority of the weekend organizing the garage to create a workshop space for himself. We were also fortunate to buy a house that already had plenty of storage space already built into the garage. The space behind the cabinet doors is pretty organized already thanks to Michael, but there are a few finishing touches we will be working on. I will share the organization once everything is complete.

5. Organize & Decorate the Inside of the House

This is a work in progress. This past weekend I spent some time organizing our closets, which up until now were complete messes with piles of clean and dirty clothes strewn on the floors. With no organization system in place (and a malfunctioning washer that has seriously impeded efficient laundering of clothes), throwing things on the floor was the only system we could consistently manage. Having organized closets makes us feel one step closer to being settled into our new home.

5. Buy Furniture, Decor, and Lots of Other Stuff

Everyone knows that every time you move you end up spending thousands of dollars on stuff, stuff, and more stuff (unless you are very wise and move into a tiny home). We have bought enough new furniture for our home to now function, after selling our old furniture on Craig’s List before leaving our old home. We still have an empty upstairs loft and half empty downstairs second living area, but plan to fill in those gaps along the way.

6. Landscape the Yard

Living in the Phoenix, AZ area, we have a tiny patch of grass in the front of the house, and the backyard is a complete rock pit. Amidst all the rocks, we are grateful to have a variety of fruit trees. The plan is to eventually hire a landscape designer to get some grass out there and shape up the place. This will probably be a more long-term goal.

7. Update Friends and Family on New Address

We have already shared our new address with immediate family, and I have shared with my extended family. With an upcoming wedding, we will probably end up sharing the address somehow via our wedding invites (if we ever choose a date, that is).

I also have other things on my list of ways to settle into the area, including finding a yoga studio to attend weekly and getting our dog, Shenanigans, certified as a therapy dog so we can volunteer. All in the plans for the next few months, hopefully.

We are finally starting to feel that this new house is becoming our home. What else do you do after moving into a new home or town to get settled? Please let us know in the thoughts below. Namaste.

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