Mondays vs. Fridays: Which Day of the Week is the Best One?

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There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.

I often wonder: how do other people do it all? I didn’t used to. I used to think everyone else had it all together and I was the only one who couldn’t figure out how to get everything done, but now I know better.

The Friday Curse

Pretty much every Friday I enter into the weekend with the hopes that this weekend will be the one that I finally get it all together. The one where I finally have a breakthrough and make actual progress towards my goals. This mentality is dangerous and has caused me to not enjoy a lot of weekend activities in the past, because I always wanted to be getting something done.

I have definitely gotten better about it, but I still hold onto a modicum of hope that This Weekend will be The Weekend. The one to beat all the others out, because it is the one where I finally figure out how to manage my life while pursuing my personal goals.

And then Sunday happens. I have gotten much better about Sundays, but there was a time when all I wanted to do was cry on Sunday around 5 p.m., because it meant Monday morning was right around the corner. And I still hadn’t figured out what to do with my life.

I am trying to now approach each day as it’s own individual opportunity to move forward in my life, rather than storing it all up for a few days at the end of a long week. Each day is different. Some seem easy and wonderful, while others can beat me down somewhat, leaving little energy at the end for personal pursuits.

A Place for Mondays

I still love waking up on Friday and Saturday mornings the best, but have come to not dread Monday mornings, at least not as much as I used to. It actually seems to be the middle of the week now where I start to feel rundown. Wednesday mornings are the ones to watch out for.

I am not ready to admit that I look forward to waking up crazy early on Monday mornings, but I am starting to admit to myself that they aren’t the worst thing in the world. In fact, these days I am almost always pleasantly surprised (but not really too surprised anymore) that Mondays aren’t half bad. In fact, I seem to feel more productive and peaceful on a Monday morning than, say, a Wednesday, because the week hasn’t closed in on me yet. Monday is a time for a fresh start after all the luxurious rest and relaxation of the weekend.

In my dream of complete and total time freedom, everyday is a Friday or a Saturday. Each day there is a reason to love getting up out of bed, because there are so many good and exciting things to do today. And of course, what dream can come true without the prior belief that it can and will happen?

Each Day is One Step Closer to a Dream

So now I try to see each day as if it is one in my dream of future time freedom. A day that contains only activities and tasks that I am choosing to do based on their meaning to me. In my constant effort to act as if, I am now trying to assign meaning to even those tasks that I loathe, dread, and want to just throw out the window. Because, after all, the only way out is through. Even if the only meaning I can find in doing something is to get it off my reminders list, bringing me one step closer to having nothing on there at all, then that is my motivation.

I will likely always be partial to Fridays and Saturdays, no matter what my future weekdays will consist of. There will always be that party feel to them that Mondays may never be able to live up to. But no more dreading Mondays. Because dreading them just makes them worse, and who wants their Monday to be worse? If nothing else, getting through a Monday makes Friday and a future of time freedom that much closer. And it’s a good day for pursuing personal goals with all the weekend sleep and energy stored up. And let’s not forget Meditation Mondays!

Is there a day of the week you prefer the most? Please share your thoughts with us below. Namaste!

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