Meditation Mondays: Week 1 Recap of the 21-Day Meditation Experience

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I started the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience one day late, on August 12th. I also missed yesterday, so I am currently two meditations behind. Fortunately, the meditations are available for five days after their original release date to catch up on missed days or go back and review the material.

The purpose of this meditation experience is to expand and deepen our own experience of happiness so that we can share a joyful energy with the world. Each day, a meditation lasting approximately 20 minutes is emailed to participants. Oprah kicks off each session by providing an introduction to the day’s meditation, and then Deepak provides his own short introduction and moves into a guided meditation.

I have enjoyed every meditation so far. Each day is focused on recognizing that we have what it takes within ourselves to be happy, and we have had it all along. Our happiness does not depend on external factors as our culture would have us believe, such as achievements, praise, or pleasing others. Both Oprah and Deepak are working to help us realize that happiness is our true nature.

Week One Overview

“Contact the source of happiness within, and then every experience will be infused with joy.” – Deepak Chopra

The focus of the meditations during week one has been on identifying and connecting with our inner silence and recognizing that happiness does not have to be earned. Each day has an individual theme, a centering thought, and a Sanskrit mantra. For week 1, these were as follows:

Day 1

  • Theme: Feeling Joy
  • Centering thought: Happiness is my true nature.
  • Sanskrit mantra: Ananda Hum (I am bliss.)

Day 2

  • Theme: Feeling inspired
  • Centering Thought: I am filled with spirit.
  • Sanskrit mantra: Shum (I am inspired.)

Day 3

  • Theme: Feeling Peace
  • Centering thought: I am peace.
  • Sanskrit mantra: (missed it)

Day 4

  • Theme: Feeling Love
  • Centering thought: I am love.
  • Sanskrit mantra: Aham Prema (I am love.)

Day 5

  • Theme: Feeling Playful
  • Centering thought: I am playful.
  • Sanskrit mantra: Lila Hum (I am playful.)

Day 6

  • Theme: Feeling Hope
  • Centering thought: Hope lights my path.
  • Sanskrit mantra: Shreem (I am all possibilities.)

Day 7

  • Theme: Feeling Complete
  • Centering thought: I am wholeness.
  • Sanskrit mantra:  Sarvatva (I am wholeness.)

The line that stuck with me the most from week one was: “Every thought and action either contributes to or detracts from well-being.” – Deepak Chopra

Meditation & Focus

Although I am familiar with the idea of using mantras to block out thoughts during meditation and maintain focus, the use of these specific Sanskrit mantras is new to me. Mantras are also probably new to many other people, so Deepak Chopra sent out an email with a link to his explanation on their use.

According to his explanation, a mantra is an instrument of the mind that takes you beyond the mind to the spirit. Mantras are subtle intentions that bring us closer to our spirit, or source of our mind.

The mantra most people are probably familiar with is “Om”, which is commonly used in meditation sessions and yoga classes. I didn’t get too caught up with using the mantras (they are to be repeated silently in your head when you find your mind drifting), but it was nice to have them to rely on when I found my mind drifting.

I have also enjoyed the background tranquil music and sounds that play during each of the sessions. They seem to be using different background music each day. There was only one day where the sounds included a background dinging that reminded me of my alarm clock and was putting me on edge the whole time. Otherwise, I have found the music to be soothing and to help block out random thoughts.

What’s next?

Week two will focus on the expansion of happiness, and week 3 will focus on doing good in the world. It looks like you might still be able to register if you are still interested in joining in or just trying out a meditation or two to see what it’s all about. The meditations are available for free during the 21-Day Meditation Experience, and they expire five days after they are released.

Are you meditating? Have you tried any of Oprah & Deepak’s meditations? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience below. Namaste!

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