Meditation Mondays: How to Deal with Interruptions

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You are in your happy place. You are one with the world. Eyes closed, breathing deeply, mind finally empty. And your cell phone rings. Or someone walks in the room.

Meditation Time is Me Time

Meditation time is the epitome of me time. It is one of my favorite times all day. Usually I don’t get interrupted because I meditate before everyone else wakes up and it’s early enough that the phone isn’t ringing yet.

But occasionally the memo that I am meditating doesn’t go out into the universe and I might get interrupted. As much as I know it’s the opposite of peaceful to become annoyed at such a time, I used to be disappointed when I got interrupted, feeling like my few precious moments of meditation were ruined for the day.

After some experience getting interrupted, I’m not very surprised or disappointed anymore when my phone beeps or rings or someone taps on the door. While my ideal meditation time is first thing in the morning before interacting with other people, sometimes this isn’t practical, especially on the weekends or while traveling when I tend to sleep in a bit later.

The early morning is the most magical time of the day if you are fortunate to capture it for yourself. Before everyone else wakes up, it is the most peaceful time of day with minimal, if any, interruptions and the best time to do something just for ourselves. If I miss it, the morning might not go quite as smooth.

When Interruptions are Inevitable

During weekends or while traveling, sleeping in can be too tempting to pass up. Consequently, I tend to meditate later in the day when other people are up and about. These are the times when interruptions are most likely to happen.

A few weeks ago I was attempting to meditate later in the morning after everyone else was already up. When I got interrupted, I realized that I could stop meditating and give myself a do-over meditation session later in the day. And I realized that rather than being seen as annoying and inconvenient, being interrupted during meditation can be seen as a chance to get in some bonus meditation time that day.

If I get a text message or a phone call while meditating, I just ignore them and check the phone when I’m done. But if someone needs me right then and it can’t wait, I now see that I can call it quits and be grateful that I will be getting extra meditation time that day.

Best Times to Meditate

My ideal meditation times other than first thing in the morning are immediately after a shower or right before bed. After a shower you have to wait a little while to dry off anyway, and the best thing is that if other people are around, they probably won’t bother you because they think you are still in the shower or getting ready. This is particularly a good time to get in meditation if you are traveling or have house guests and missed the early morning time or got interrupted earlier in the day.

Right before bed is also good, but I don’t like it as much because I usually fall asleep and don’t get to experience and enjoy the meditation as much as I would have earlier in the day when I was more alert. Still, if no meditation happened that day, it is a good last chance meditation time.

How do you handle interruptions when you are meditating? Please share your thoughts!


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