Meditation Mondays: All the Words Are Already Written

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Yesterday I had the best meditation I can remember in a while. I know we aren’t supposed to judge our meditation sessions as being either good or bad, but sometimes they feel more luxurious, probably more likely on the weekends. An ideal meditation session for me is 20 minutes, with the first half spent going through in my mind what I am grateful for and then my intentions, and the second half spent melting into the floor and the space of nothing.

Yesterday I realized that I could simplify the first half even further, going though anything I want in my life as if it were already here. I do this a lot, but realized there is no need to separate what I want from what is already here during meditation. Why not act as if already?

Meditating for Creativity

That part was fun, but the really great part was the second half. I have read many times that one of the great benefits of meditation is the creation of increased receptivity for creative ideas. The nothingness portion of meditation is where creative ideas might come to us. Or, by creating a bit of space between the constant recurring thoughts, we might increase our chances of receiving creative ideas at other times throughout the day.

During my meditation time, I suddenly felt very content that the creative ideas I hope for are already out there somewhere, I just have to tap into them. I realized that any words I might dream of one day writing are already written. There is no need to strive or fret that creativity might never touch us. It is out there, waiting to connect with us and be used for the greater good.

Creating from Scratch

I believe in envisioning things we want in the future, and even going so far as to create visual representations of whatever those things may be to constantly stare us in the face, pulling us together with an even stronger force. Wayne Dyer has a book cover designer who he asks to create his book covers before he even writes the books, before he even has an outline. He then puts the representation of his future book in front of him as he is writing the book.

Tim Ferris pulled a similar move with his book The 4-Hour Work Week. Without permission, he went into book stores and actually placed his book cover design on the shelves to test what people might be more likely to pick up. His purpose in doing so was slightly different from Wayne Dyer’s, but both provide excellent examples of the lengths we could go to in increasing our chances of creating something out of nothing.

All the books, articles, and blog posts, and for that matter songs and characters played by actors, were created out of nothing. One person’s creative idea can have a positive impact on the many lives it might touch. Creative ideas are waiting for us to grab onto them and enjoy the ride.

Not to say that we don’t have a choice in the matter. If I want to write a book someday, I am going to have to put in the necessary time and effort. But it’s nice to know that we have options.

Have you found meditation to increase your flow of creative ideas? Please share your thoughts with us below. Namaste!

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