Meditation Mondays: A Mantra to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

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I wish I had taken yoga more seriously 10 years ago. I wish I had taken better care of myself last year, or even last week.

These are thoughts I often catch myself thinking, wishing I had done something differently in the past so that my present would be better.

Last night I was thinking about things I wish I had done, as I often do. And then I thought about future me. I can’t go back 10 years or 10 days to do things differently. But it’s not too late to do some of the things I wish I had done in the past that the version of me five years from now will thank me for.

Consider Future You

A year from now is going to happen, whether we do good things for ourselves now or not. I know that a year from now I will feel happy if I am looking back on time that I took good care of myself and did the things that took me millimeters closer to my vision for myself each day.

But sometimes those ugly thoughts creep in. And they can completely take our good intentions down.

They are sneaky, these insidious thoughts of regret. They take up so much mental space and energy that before you know it the version of yourself that felt motivated to do yoga or clean out a drawer is dozing off for a nap.

I don’t like it when my mind replays things without the consent of the happiest version of me. Really…how rude!

So I try to think of words or phrases that I can think to remind myself that those thoughts are not welcome. Me a year from now will totally thank me.

Manifest, and Forget the Rest

That’s my new mantra to let go of any thought that is about anything other than where I see myself a year or five years from now.

I know that the thoughts I am thinking are leading to the creation of my future. If a thought sneaks in that doesn’t reflect who I want to be or how I want to feel, I need a way to turn it off as quickly as possible.

This mantra came to me yesterday and I like it because the word “manifest” reminds me of exactly what my thoughts are doing, and that is a strong call for me to only think about things I actually want to create. I don’t want to become a person who wishes she had done more yoga. I want to be a person who feels great all the time and loves her yoga practice and shares that positivity with others.

How do you turn off your monkey mind? Please share your thoughts!

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