Meditation Mondays: A Guided Meditation To Help You Sleep

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Sometimes sleep happens naturally, other times our minds don’t want to turn off. Whether we are worried or excited about the upcoming day or still worrying about the past, if our mind isn’t shutting down, it makes it hard to drift off to sleep.

I don’t always meditate before bed, but sometimes I need a reminder that it’s okay to let my mind turn off for the night. When I do, I turn to this bedtime meditation:

Bedtime Is Relaxation Time

I love this particular bedtime meditation because it’s so simple and straightforward. “There is nothing for you to do right now” is one of the main themes of this meditation. True.

Sometimes I find myself running through in my mind all the things I have to do the next day, like Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie I Don’t Know How She Does It. When that happens, it’s almost impossible for me to fall asleep.

This meditation gives us permission to feel happy about being in bed, to be grateful for our bed, our pillow, our bedroom. Such simple things that most of us probably don’t usually think about at bedtime.

Bedtime is not the time to be creating lists of goals in our minds. I am definitely a repeat offender on this one!

This is a time to relax and trust that everything is okay. It’s a relief, actually, that we get this part of the day all to ourselves.

Sleep Contributes To Our Well-Being

Sleep is a time of rejuvenation for our bodies and minds; another theme of this guided meditation. Bedtime is the time to be happy about sleep and to simply feel good about this built in time of effortless ease in our days and our lives.

There is peaceful music that plays in the background, and once the guided portion is over, the music keeps playing for a little bit after.

I will admit that this doesn’t always do the trick when I’m having trouble sleeping if I’m simply not tired or struggling to turn off my thoughts. But sometimes it works. Sometimes I listen to it even if I’m not having trouble sleeping just because it makes me feel good and feels like a good contribution to my overall well-being.

I listen on YouTube on my phone. If videos automatically play on your YouTube account, you might have to adjust a setting so another video doesn’t blast you out of your peaceful sleep once the meditation is over. Mine is set to not auto-play, so once the video is over YouTube turns off.

Do you like to listen to guided meditations before bed? I would love to hear your suggestions of your favorites in the comments.

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