Meal Planning Mondays: Green Smoothie in a Jar

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A few months ago, I posted an idea for storing green smoothie ingredients ahead of time in baggies in the freezer for the week. I loved the concept of having almost all smoothie ingredients portioned out in the freezer. I didn’t love using baggies.

As much as I intended to reuse the baggies, when it came time to make a smoothie little pieces of ingredients would get left behind in the bag. Since I wasn’t refilling the bag right then, I didn’t want to save the baggies for reuse later. So I almost always ended up throwing them away.

I hate to waste baggies, especially for something like this that I’m doing everyday. They are not good for the environment and I like to be independent of using disposable things like plastic grocery bags and baggies when possible.

Green Smoothie Ingredient Storage

I had gotten some canning jars to can lemon juice from the lemons growing on our lemon tree in the backyard, and got the idea to try the pint-sized canning jars for storing green smoothie ingredients. I tried one at first, and it worked like a charm!

When comparing the jars to the baggies, the baggies seemed to more easily fit more ingredients. The jars will fit the same amount of ingredients, you just have to push them down a bit more forcefully. I originally included four ice cubes in the first jar I made, because I wanted to get the same ingredients in the jar as I did in the baggie. The ice cubes fit!

When it comes time to make a smoothie, if you take the jar out of the freezer and want to use it right then, it can be run under hot water for maybe 10 to 15 seconds to release the ingredients from the jar. If you have time to set it out on the counter, that might help the ingredients to thaw out a bit to help get them out of the jar more easily.

The only thing I didn’t include in the original jar was the chia seeds, because I like to blend them separately with water first so they aren’t chunky in the smoothie. If this doesn’t bother you, or if you grind up chia seeds beforehand or add other types of ingredients, there is plenty of room in the jar.


Benefits of Preparing Green Smoothies Ahead of Time

This past weekend my mom and I made six jars for her to have green smoothies for the week. Now she has her green smoothies all planned out and doesn’t have to do anything but add the pre-portioned ingredients and water or other liquid to the NutriBullet every morning.

Preparing all green smoothies ahead of time for the week will do great things for your life, including:

  • save time
  • no worrying about fresh produce for green smoothies going bad
  • simplify your morning routine
  • the smoothie is colder and therefore more refreshing since all the ingredients were frozen
  • increases the likelihood of making a smoothie that day if there isn’t time or motivation to make one from scratch

I was so excited when I came up with this plan to prepare green smoothies ahead of time. It probably doesn’t take much more time to prepare five or six green smoothies than it does to make one because you have all the ingredients out and make a little assembly line that goes very quickly.

What are your meal planning tricks for getting things ready in advance for the week? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Brittany Adamiak Apr 29, 6:34 pm

    Genius!!!! Can’t wait to try this 🙂 I love doing meal prep and I am so excited to use mason jars to be able to meal prep my smoothie too. Thanks for the idea.

    1. anniehurley May 3, 3:38 pm



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