It’s Now: What Are You Manifesting?

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Ever notice yourself going to that funky place of funky thoughts, thinking that nothing is going your way and you feel like you are going no where fast, faster than anyone else you know in real life or online?

Hello, thoughts, you tricky tricksters you.

Now, do you ever notice when you are feeling good, you feel, well, good? About everything in your life, like you know good things will happen. You believe they will. So they do.

You know how The Secret depicts (somewhat cheesily) a woman staring at a necklace, and then receiving that exact necklace, or the little boy with the picture of the bike, and then that bike is literally delivered to him?

While I firmly believe that such things are possible (because no one can say they aren’t possible, because we aren’t fortune tellers…well, unless you are), I was thinking the other day, with some relief, about how it isn’t so important what the specifics are.

Focus Your Thoughts

This came to me from the book Ask and It Is Given as I have been reflecting on that book a lot lately while I try to steer my thoughts in the direction of things I actually want in my life.

While doing this, it can be easy to start thinking “What if I focus all this attention on this [insert opportunity, experience, or material object of desire] and I don’t get it – then I will have wasted time and energy, not to mention been a fool to believe that I could actually be in control of my own life experiences.”

If you haven’t thought that, don’t worry. I already thought it for you. I go around doing my best to fixate on the good things I would like to see happen in life, but then I find these little doubter thoughts hacking their way into my brain, doing their very best to re-wire my success-oriented thought pattern for failure.

Be Unattached to the Outcome

Being unattached to the outcome is a state of being I am constantly aspiring to attain. Which is ironic because being unattached to the outcome is all about letting go; surrendering to the universe to do what it will.

That is what is required. Maybe you want to buy a specific juicer (weird example, but I want one!). Totally expensive, but totally awesome and worth the health investment. Or you want to take a trip to some great place like Napa or Greece or Hawaii.

I’m gonna say it’s okay, actually encouraged, to focus on the specifics and details of whatever it is you would like to have and experience. More important is to focus on how you feel being in that beautiful hotel room or drinking that gorgeous green juice every morning.

Focus on the feeling. And then Let. It. Go.

Let Go

Let go of the outcome. Let go of the results. You don’t have to worry if you ever get that juicer or take that trip to Greece. Not because there is some weird mystical guarantee that it will happen, but because your job in this whole process is to feel good.

Feeling good begets more good feelings, which put us in the place of making choices that lead us to the types of things and experiences we would like to have. And then there is the whole vibration thing, but that might be getting a little too mystical. So I will stay on the side of practicality for the moment.

Practically speaking, it makes total logical sense that feeling good is more likely to lead us to more things that feel good. So maybe I won’t get the Cadillac of juicers tomorrow. But, maybe a beautiful juice will unexpectedly show up in my life in the not too far future. And maybe you won’t end up in Greece next week, but a great weekend beach getaway is on the horizon for you. Who knows?

We can’t squeeze our futures dry of the infinite possibilities available to us by thinking the same old stale thoughts and buying into the same old boring messages. I mean, we can. But who wants to cut themselves off from that kind of awesome? I bet not you! And not me.

So now I have to ask: what are you manifesting at this moment in time? I will give you a hint: it is whatever you are predominantly thinking (and, more importantly, feeling) about…is that what you really want in your future months and years? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Meg Evans Feb 11, 4:44 pm

    I’ve been picturing a redecorated house and a new car. Whatever I end up getting probably won’t be the same as what I imagined, but I agree that does not make visualization a waste of time and energy. It helps me to develop a clearer idea of what I’d like to have in my life, and that is always helpful. Anyway, if I went around full of gloomy thoughts about stuff I didn’t want, that would be both depressing and a waste of time and energy!

    1. anniehurley Feb 12, 6:34 pm

      You got it Meg! Ooh a redecorated house and a new car sound lovely 🙂 I am picturing it with you and I already feel better too!

  2. Amy T. Feb 11, 11:46 pm

    I love this! BE UNATTACHED to the OUTCOME! Yes! That really resonates within me. Okay, tomorrow morning I wake-up and begin again. HUGS!

    1. anniehurley Feb 12, 6:35 pm

      Alright Amy! Yes, unattached is the way to go. Who knows, maybe what you get is better than what you could have imagined anyway? Hugs!


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