How To Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done

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With so many distractions at our fingertips, it can be a major challenge to maintain focus on any one given task for more than a few seconds. Emails are constantly knocking on the doors of our minds, the internet is beckoning us at every turn, and our tummies are frequently in need of fuel. What’s a busy girl to do?

In this post, I share how to motivate yourself to park it in one place for at least 20 minutes, no matter what email has emerged or what snack might be calling you, personally, to come join it in the kitchen. Before we start, pull out whatever to-do list you are working from at the moment. Keep it handy.

A Mini Visualization

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and envision where you would like to be in your life right now. Not necessarily on the beach in Maui (although that could be the place for you), but your vision of your ideal day-to-day life. Feel how it feels in your body, under your skin. Once you get the feeling, open your eyes.

Now, look at your to-do list. Which item on there could you either complete in 20 minutes or work on for 20 minutes to make some progress towards getting it done? How would having this item done get you closer to that vision you just created? Maybe there is something on there you are really dreading, or don’t feel ready to take on, but that would clear some space in your life to work on your dreams.

Don’t think too long about which task is the next task. Go with your gut feeling, set a timer for 20 minutes, and don’t stop working on it unless there is a catastrophe of some kind (note: catastrophes generally are not communicated via email or Facebook, so you are fine to ignore them both for 20 minutes).

Finding Purpose

Visualization is a very powerful technique for finding motivation to do just about anything, including getting things done. When we have a purpose behind what we are doing, it becomes so much easier to do things that in the moment seem painful. People who lose weight successfully through exercise know this firsthand.

Next time you are feeling bogged down by your unending to-do list, try this mini visualization to help you re-focus why you are doing these things in the first place. Even if the reason is so you don’t have to do it again, use that! Anything to get you from the place of feeling helpless and overwhelmed and into the space of feeling empowered to take charge of your own life.

We are not meant to live a reactionary life, small and catering to the whims of others who wield power over us. We are meant to shine, be great, and share our gifts with the world! So go get things done, and then let the world know you are in control by how you live your life.

What is your motivation for getting things done? Let us know below!

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