How to Experience a Miracle Everyday

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“To me, every cubic inch of space is a miracle.”

– Walt Whitman

Traditionally, miracles have been portrayed as experiences reserved only for the deserving, lucky few. Not the regular people (like me – or so I thought).

I used to think miracles only happened to other people, far removed from my plain existence: travelers to some holy land, attendees of televised events where the preacher hits someone on the head and they are suddenly healed from their debilitating illness, or rare stories of far away people who overcame cancer or some other life-threatening disease. Not for me or anyone I knew. And certainly not for the everyday experience.

I started watching Gabby Bernstein’s YouTube videos a few weeks ago, and slowly started to absorb her message of everyday miracles. Not long after the concept of the miracle mindset entered into my awareness, I started noticing my own everyday miracles.

What constitutes a miracle?

“There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

A new possibility that only a week ago seemed impossible, a sudden realization or epiphany, an unexpected new friend, an unexpected favor or gesture, a discovery in personal productivity. Are these not miraculous experiences?

A person doesn’t have to travel to the holy land, be religious, or be deathly sick to experience a miracle. Miracles are ours for the taking today! Today is the day to experience your miracle. And tomorrow, and the day after that, and repeat.

You don’t have to be a member of clergy or a shaman to experience or work a miracle of your own. Life itself, our very existence, is a miracle.

Be on the Lookout for Your Very Own Miracle

“I am realistic – I expect miracles.” – Wayne Dyer

I now check-in several times throughout the day to see what my miracle that day is. Did it already happen? I replay the events of the day in my mind in the afternoon, looking to see if it has happened yet. If not, I am not disappointed. The opposite. I am excited and looking forward to the rest of the day, happily anticipating whatever miracle awaits me in the near future.

I don’t expect my life to change with an instant lottery win, but I don’t rule something like that out as a possibility for myself. Some days it might be as simple as a close parking spot at the grocery store. Other days I am astounded by how quickly I got through an audio book, something that in the not so far off past I might have claimed to not have time for.

Like Albert Einstein says, everything is a miracle. Truthfully, there doesn’t have to be just one moment everyday that is the miracle. When I am reflecting on what the miracle was that day, I find that I have plenty to be grateful for, and it is a fun game to try to figure out which miraculous thing that day was the most miracle-y.

Usually I come up with one thing that stands out the most, that sparkles the most, among all the other good things in the day. The exercise of running through what was the best of the best is a miracle in itself, letting the bad stuff fall away rather than be the focus. By letting the bad stuff go and focusing on the good, the good gets to multiply as time moves forward. Which is way better than running through all the bad things at the end of each day and allowing them to multiply into the future. Not fun!

You Deserve a Miracle

Everyone deserves a miracle, and that miracle can be yours today. Start believing that you deserve miracles. Expect them to happen in your everyday experience. You don’t have to do anything but shift your attention to the fact that today is your day for a miracle. Think that thought everyday, and you will be pleasantly surprised by your very own miraculous experiences!

What’s your miracle today? Share your thoughts below!

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