How I Set Goals for Summer: Seasonal Review

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The summer seasonal review will round out my first year of doing seasonal reviews. I have really enjoyed the process of reviewing my goals roughly every three months, corresponding with the changing seasons. I feel much more in touch with my goals than I did with the concept of New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t feel overwhelmed by a too frequent review such as weekly or monthly.

As with each of my seasonal reviews, I will be reviewing my affirmations by my core value categories. If you are interested in establishing your own core values (highly recommended!) I would suggest Tina Su’s Discover You Now ebook. There is an exercise in this book that led me to establishing my own core values. This was the first step in defining what my goals are, because I had to figure out my major life categories before determining specific goals.

I only write affirmations at this point. I write about 3 to 5 in each core value category, and I read through them immediately when I wake up in the morning most days. I quickly scroll through them on the Evernote app on my phone. Any actionable steps related to achieving something in one of my core value categories go on my reminders or rituals lists. If you want to read more about my use of affirmations, click here.

Of note, my life has gone through a few dramatic (good) changes over the past few weeks and months, with a recent household move and engagement! These are all exciting changes, but have also caused my many lists to explode and call for the creation of a few new lists. I am still working on catching up to everything, as I have fallen out of some of my routines while we figure out where to put everything in the house and now where to have a wedding. I hope to stay on track with my personal goals while remaining flexible with the many upcoming changes. 


My focus on my personal health has evolved over this past year to include daily at-home yoga & meditation, daily walks, moving towards using more natural household products, and eating primarily organic food. I haven’t been doing all of these things as often as I would like, but take comfort in knowing that this is my long-term plan.

Since my vision of taking care of myself has become so ingrained in my mind, I don’t really need to remind myself to do these things in list format anymore. I know what I want to do for my personal health, and I also know that skipping a few days of yoga or falling out of my walking routine is okay as long as I am feeling good. After being inspired by the messages in Anita Moorjani’s book Dying To Be Me, I changed my affirmations quite dramatically this time around (here are a few):

  • I am moving and being in ways that feel good everyday.
  • I am enjoying what I eat and drink.
  • I am creating a natural environment in our home because it feels good.

Rather than trying to force myself to do yoga everyday, eat vegetarian, or feel guilty about enjoying a glass of wine or piece of chocolate or staying up late, I am shifting my focus to doing things that are healthy and enjoying the indulgences in moderation while still maintaining my overall health and well-being. I want to focus on doing things because they feel good, not just because I have been told they are good for me. I now understand that doing things that I think are healthy out of fear of getting cancer is more dangerous than just eating a piece of meat or not getting seven hours of sleep (read Dying To Be Me – it’s amazing!).


I continue to focus on making plans to get together with family and friends. We absolutely love Arizona, but also recognize that we really need to make efforts to stay in contact with family and friends while we live far away.

Now that we are settling into a new home, we have plans to do a reverse welcome wagon on our neighbors. We are going to put ourselves out there are attempt to get to know our neighbors via a door-to-door homemade baked goods giveaway and BBQ invite. It might be a bit weird for everyone at first, but I have a feeling it will be fun too!

It’s great to love other people, but we have to love ourselves too. I am also focusing on truly loving myself, rather than beating myself up for making mistakes or not being perfect all the time. This is a work in progress!

Inner Peace

The move was a great hurdle that we have somewhat overcome over the past few months. Moving to Arizona has been a dream come true. Our new home is beyond a dream come true. I still remember during my last month of living in Las Vegas feeling the feeling of living in Arizona, even before we had any guarantee that it would work out. I know I didn’t do all the hard work to get us here, but I do look back on those feelings while living in Nevada and think they might have had the tiniest bit to do with our move.

While we were looking for houses, I had one affirmation that included all of the things on our wishlist for our new home. I would also envision being in our new home (before we found it) while meditating. Laying on the floor with my eyes closed, I would imagine that I was already in a house with a three car garage, huge open kitchen, and a pool. Now I am here.

One of my affirmations now as we settle into the new home focuses on learning how to manage everything associated with living in the new house and getting everything back in order. For the wedding plans, I affirm that I am allowing our wedding plans to effortlessly unfold. I also continue to work through my reminders and rituals lists, and balancing my tasks and relaxing time (this remains my biggest challenge!).


An abundance of time continues to by my major focus in this category. I continue to aspire to feel as good at the end of the day about my productivity as I do at the beginning of the day.

Of course, an abundance of money also lives in this category. I created a account several years ago but got frustrated with it and gave it up. One of my goals for the summer is to get back into looking at my finances on a frequent basis and using to have a better idea of where the money is.

My next book is Angels of Abundance by Doreen Virtue. I have read one book by her so far and loved it, and thought this book would be right up my alley. Stay tuned for the review!

Time Freedom

Last but certainly not least, time freedom. I think this category is my favorite, so I guess I saved the best for last. This category is where I set goals about my creative projects that I work on during my free time.

I am so happy to now be a person who reads books. For the longest time I could not get a grip on my time enough to read on a regular basis. I recently got the idea to aim to read one nonfiction and one fiction book a month. This will help me to keep up with the Hay House Book Nook program, which I think is awesome but haven’t consistently participated in.

I am most excited about my goal to hire a designer this summer to give my blog a new look. I also have a few other blogging projects I hope to get back into in the near future.

So there you have it! The final season in my first year of writing seasonal goals is about to start, and I am already looking forward to what these next three months will bring.

What is your process for creating personal goals? Please let us know your thoughts below! Namaste!

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