How Hard Is It to Feel Good?

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Who doesn’t want to feel good? And why do so many of us go around choosing the alternative? This is a question I have been seriously asking myself lately.

I’m working more on watching what my thoughts are about and categorizing if they are geared towards things I want in my life or things I don’t want. More than the thoughts, I’m focusing on identifying the feelings the thoughts are creating.

Because it’s really about the feelings. The reason we want anything in life is because we believe we will feel better once that is our new reality.

So, if it’s all about how we will feel in the future, why not feel that way now? I often find myself caving in to the saying “easier said than done”. But is it?

The Difference Between Not Feeling Good & Feeling Good

Is it really easier to be mopey and sad and depressed and upset and frustrated than it is to simply feel good?

This morning, I wrote out a few things in my life right now that I would like to change and did a comparison of how I am predominantly feeling about them versus how I envision I will feel when the issues are no longer issues in my life.

One of the personal issues I chose was acne. I wrote out all the negative feelings I have about it – when I look in the mirror throughout the day, when it comes time to put on makeup or leave the house, when I am generally thinking about it even when I’m not looking at my reflection in the mirror. All the negativity was so complex: insecure, gross, upset, victimized.

And then I wrote how I will feel about my skin when it’s clear: good. A simple, four letter word.

One way is simple, the other isn’t. So is it really easier to get all upset about something rather than to feel as if it is already in place, and to simply feel good?

The Opposite of Feeling Good: Resistance

I’m pretty sure it’s easier to actually feel good. It’s moving from the negative feelings to the good feeling place that presents somewhat of a challenge. Because there is plenty of resistance to move through, especially for things that have been lingering for years.

We almost get attached to our problems, like they have become a part of us and wouldn’t we be betraying them to just let go of them? Don’t we have some obligation to stick by said problems and see to it that they are nurtured through our feelings and words as they have been for years?

Feeling good. Wouldn’t that be boring? What would we have to talk about if everything were peaceful and positive?

Oh resistance, you are so clever. There is so much resistance to good. But once we prove to it that we are stronger, we never look back. Once an issue is resolved in our lives, we realize how much more difficult it was to live like that. To live with dis-ease in health and all other areas of life. It is so much more difficult to be not at ease than it is to be at ease.

Now What?

As I continue to monitor my thoughts and feelings and work towards a place where I am thinking about and feeling only what and how I want to (good, that is), I try to trick myself into letting go of my firm grip on the things I don’t want. In a nice way.

It’s hard to part with old friends, even those who have not served us. We collect our problems and hang onto them like junk in the junk drawer. The days come and go and we often don’t even realize that we are the sole reason our problems cling to us. Which is a good thing, because it means we also are the ones with the power to get rid of them.

As the day’s drama starts to heat up, it seems easier to get caught up in the usual flow of past issues and new issues that make their way into our lives. This is how I catch myself feeling sometimes and how I definitely know I’m off track. I want to attract what I want, not more of what I don’t want.

So I listen to Louise Hay, and try to keep her wisdom close by. I try to bring my mind and predominant feeling back to the track that leads to a day that is more like the one I envision. I think about what I want, and then I make a conscious effort to feel as if what I want were already here in my life experience.

I work extremely hard at feeling good, and then work even harder at overcoming the resistance that tells me I should feel guilty and bad and not good enough. I work on breaking up with resistance at every turn that it continually pops up to test me throughout the day. I stand up for myself and my dreams.

How do you let go of resistance when it pops up? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Meg Evans Dec 19, 7:30 am

    One word is not nearly enough for the good stuff. I suggest another writing assignment — use at least 750 words to describe in vivid detail how your beautiful healthy face glows in the mirror, how soft and smooth it feels, how easily your makeup goes on, how much you love shopping for makeup now, et cetera.

    1. Kathleen Howell Dec 24, 6:19 am

      That is a fantastic point!

  2. Kathleen Howell Dec 24, 6:18 am

    I keep a gratitude journal and carry it with me everywhere, writing in it all the good things I’m thankful for and my dreams for the future. When a bad mood strikes, I pull it out and read all the good things I’ve put into it. You get what you think about! Don’t give air time to the things you don’t want.


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