Guest Bathroom Organization

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I believe that the bathroom is a sanctuary. There, I said it. It is the place we go to get ready to go out and face the world and to restore ourselves after a long day. Why not make the surroundings pleasant?

I have wanted to organize the upstairs bathroom in my parents’ house every time I have visited. I searched for the right containers at Bed Bath & Beyond but couldn’t find the just-right sized containers I was looking for.

This bathroom is spacious and gets used primarily when there are guests staying in the upstairs, which consists of 3 bedrooms and a loft living area. Quite a few guests come to stay throughout the year, especially since they are located near Disney!

Organizing the Mess Under the Sink


I personally have issues with stuff just being thrown in the bathroom cabinet. It makes me crazy to have to sort through disposable razors and bottles of hair products to get to a bottle of lotion.

Most of the products in this bathroom have been left behind by guests for the next person to use, and some things are just there in case someone forgets something. There wasn’t a whole lot to organize, but I still wanted to get some containers to shape up the place.

The first thing I did was to start removing the products from the cabinet and placing them on top of the sink into roughly the main categories I would buy containers for. I figured I could go with four to six categories, but decided to stick with four since it makes more sense to have four containers in the space. After I decided on roughly the number and size of categories, I took measurements for the area and headed to the store. These are the four categories I came up with:


1. Paper

2. Health

3. Hair

4. Bath & Body

Paper is pretty self-explanatory. Health is any medicines or dental products, which originally included Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide, saline solution for contact lenses, extra dental floss, and toothpaste samples.  I threw out all expired medicines, so there was actually more stuff than what is in the picture when I started.

The hair products were slightly out of control. I found 2 different bottles of mousse, 2 bottles of travel sized hair spray, 1 container of styling gel, and a few other non-descript hair products. Hopefully with this system guests can rummage through the “hair’ bin and won’t feel the need to buy more hair products since everything is already there. The travel size hair dryer, some extra hair ties, and bobby pins also live in this bin.

Bath & body encompasses lotions, soaps, razors, extra shaving gel, a bath puff, and even nail polish remover. Basically anything you would use in the shower or put on your body that is non-medicinal.

The containers I found at The Container Store were originally intended to organize CDs. They ended up being the perfect size for the space. The reason I couldn’t find containers before is because I was trying to fill up the whole depth of the space, and that just wasn’t happening with the width I had to work with. I don’t feel like the space behind the containers is wasted because we could always put extra toilet paper back there.

Organization Above and Around the Sink


I didn’t take a before picture, but the medicine cabinet had a lot of stuff in it that really could go under the sink, so I cleared that out a few days before I started organizing and put it all under the sink. I like to use the medicine cabinet to hide away the toothpaste and any other compact daily products, such as face lotion, eye makeup remover, and deodorant.

I remember Oprah saying that she doesn’t need to see all of the products people use in the bathroom. Although it took me a while to get there, I definitely agree that the bathroom countertop is better off being sparse. This is a sanctuary! You want to feel peaceful when you enter the space to start your bath, shower, or evening ritual.

I got a combo cotton ball and Q-tip holder at The Container Store, and then went back for the matching soap dispenser. I figured if there are 2 people using both sinks at the same time, they can reach for the one soap dispenser in the middle. I didn’t put anything else on the counter. Everything else is tucked away into the medicine cabinet.

Being Organized Preserves Time, Money, & Peace

When things aren’t organized, it is challenging to know what you already have on hand. It seems easier to run out to the store to grab a few items rather than to sort through the mess to see what’s there. Having things grouped together makes it much easier to quickly tell if there is already a bottle of hairspray or dental floss on hand.

Do you have any other ideas of nice things to have in the bathroom for guests? Please share your thoughts below! Namaste.


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