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I got into making green smoothies in the NutriBullet earlier this year. I still don’t make them every single day, but most weekdays I am in the routine of making a green smoothie in the morning.

I have debated over whether to invest in a juicer. We had a juicer growing up, and I remember the mess it created with all the gross pulp. The cleanup made the whole process so much more labor intensive. With the NutriBullet, I can just put what I want in the cup, blend it for less than a minute, and be done! The only cleanup is a quick rinse of the blending cup and blade.

I would imagine the juicers today are much more user-friendly that the Juice Tigers and Juice Mans of yore, but for now I have settled on an alternative plan to at-home juicing. Perhaps someday I will become a more serious juicer and invest in one of these machines.

The Joy of Juice Bars

The first real juice place I visited was The Green Fork in New Orleans. I am sure I have lived within driving distance of these types of places for years, but never gave them a second thought. Despite my familiarity with carrot-apple juice, the idea of juiced vegetables usually turned my stomach and I didn’t give them a chance.

The Green Fork was amazing! This place offered so much more variety than what I typically keep on hand at home in the way of fruits, veggies, and other super foods. It was a great chance to not only try something new but also to get in some extra nutrients while traveling and indulging in not so healthy foods.  And, I got to enjoy the pure goodness of juice without having to deal with all of the mess.

Fresh Juice Options

After living right down the street from Whole Foods for several years, I recently discovered that they make fresh juices (the one near me probably did and I never noticed). Sometimes it takes time to discover what is right under our noses.

For now, I have settled on continuing to make green smoothies at home, and I am working on making it a point to order a juice out every once in a while. My new home is about 45 minutes away from Whole Foods, so I am no longer going there on a weekly basis. When I do manage to get out there, I like to get a green juice at the juice bar before I do my shopping. I have also discovered a great juice place down the street from my house, and look forward to getting a green juice as a treat in place of Starbucks every once in a while.

Packaged Juice and Smoothie Options

I never even noticed that there are green smoothies and juices pre-packaged before I was in the New Orleans airport a few months ago. Before I boarded the plane, I was looking for a drink and a healthy snack and noticed a Naked Green Machine Smoothie smiling at me from the shelf.

I was definitely skeptical due to the color, but knew that looks could be deceiving from my own green smoothie experiments. I was right! It was amazing! I am not just making that up. It is a bit brownish looking, but it tastes so fruity. Everyone I have served one to has agreed.

I now have another way of getting in green smoothies and juices while on the go. Now I even buy a few at the grocery store so I can have them on hand at home if there is a morning where I don’t want to make a lot of noise with the NutriBullet, or if I know I will be on the go but still want a healthy option for the road.

I have found bottled green smoothies and juices at Whole Foods and the regular grocery store down the street. I even noticed a green drink by Evolution at Starbucks the other day.

Green is Good

Yes, you will pay a few dollars for a pre-packaged green drink, and probably somewhere around seven or eight dollars for a fresh green juice from a juice bar. It might be more cost-effective to buy a juicer if you are planning on drinking pure juice every single day. Either way, a green juice is a great option when on the go.

Green juices and smoothies may not be for everyone. I have found green drinks to be enjoyable in the way they taste and how they make me feel. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest giving a few different green drinks a try if you are curious. If you end up drinking green drinks on a regular basis, do it because you enjoy it and the health benefits will follow. Namaste!

What’s your favorite way to get in green? Share your thoughts!

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