Give Yourself Permission to Take an Opposite Day

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I can’t remember where the idea of opposite day came from as a kid. Was it a show on Nickelodeon? Or something that was done at school? Or just something ridiculous kids did and thought was funny? Not sure, but this morning this idea of Opposite Day came to me as I was waking up and starting to think about all the things I had to do today (which I do every morning).

I try to stay on alert for self-defeating thoughts in my mind throughout the day. I know that I slip a lot and think thoughts that bring what I don’t want (opposite: It’s easy for me to think thoughts about only what I want).

Well, there you go – an example of what I mean by Opposite Day. This morning the thought “how will I get this all done?” popped into my head (like everyday). Then I thought: why not think the opposite when thoughts come to me that are about exactly what I don’t want?

I don’t want to feel like I will never be able to get to everything I have to do. I definitely want the opposite of that: to wake up in the morning, feeling like I will have more than enough time to both be productive and get to relax and enjoy, while knowing that everything assigned to me has been taken care of.

It is not just about getting it all done that I notice these self-defeating thoughts. I think about wanting to post to my blog, and immediately this thought comes up: I don’t know what to post about today. Or: I wish I had already planned out what I would post today. Opposite: I know what to post about today. And: Planning out what to post on my blog is easy.

It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Identify a thought that you had today about something that you don’t want. Then, allow yourself to think the exact opposite. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel true or seems impossible. It isn’t about logic. It’s about slowly changing the soundtrack in our minds to the tune that we actually enjoy and feel good about.

Today, when I catch myself thinking about something in a way that keeps me stuck, I am telling myself to think the opposite. It’s getting me out of the pattern of thinking the same old self-defeating thoughts over and over again.

What thought did you turn around today? Please share your thoughts!

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