Extra Room Organization Series: Introducing the Angels’ Den

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Some people refer to their extra room that they use for projects as a “craft room”, and others simply call the room where they have dedicated work space an office. It is also common to use an extra room in a home as a guest room. Many times there is room available to convert into a functional space, but rather than being a peaceful place the space becomes a catchall for junk.

It takes a lot of work to convert an extra room into an enjoyable place, but it is so worth it. My room (not my bedroom, but an extra room) has been in the making for the past several years, and will continue to improve as time goes on. What can I say? I LOVE my room! I have never loved a room more.

The Making of the Angels’ Den

I don’t like calling my room my office, even though it is where I spend most days since I work from home. The room does have a bed (more on that soon!), but it is so much more than just a guest room. I am not really a crafter, although I do enjoy crocheting. Besides writing and working on my blog, I mostly like to work on organizing. Is that a craft?

Michael also has a room in our home that is dedicated just for his things. There is a Canadian version of the reality entrepreneur show Shark Tank called Dragons’ Den. After watching many episodes of that show, somehow it caught on that we referred to his room as the Dragons’ Den. Before we knew it we were referring to my room as the the Angels’ Den and I guess it stuck!

When I first moved to Henderson, NV to work from home, I bought a desk at Office Depot and a desk chair. It actually was a nice looking desk, and not too expensive. I felt like I should work from a desk, even though since I am at home I technically don’t have to. I set up my laptops on the desk, and then had my stuff stashed away in the closet, without any real organizing system. It was not the most zen space.

I found myself moving my laptops to work in more comfortable places in the home, such as the couch, dining room table, or my bed. I loved working from bed more than any other place in the house. It got to the point where I never sat at the desk anymore.

Creating an Office-Guest Room Combo

Last year when we had family staying over the holidays, we went ahead and moved the desk out into the garage (where it remains today!) and set up an air mattress in the room that was serving as my office to convert it into a second bedroom. It is actually a pretty comfortable air mattress, but sitting on an air mattress all day gets somewhat uncomfortable.

I have a good friend out here who also works from home, and when I visited her house I learned that she had an adjustable bed in her bedroom. You know, the kind from the TV commercials with the old people. At first I thought it was maybe a bit weird for a young person to have an adjustable bed, but then again the more I think about it, I realize that older people just really know how to live in style. I would LOVE to travel around carefree in an RV! Who wouldn’t?

My friend also has a very nice office set up in her house, but she has the same thinking on the subject as me: if you can work from bed all day, why not? I know this is not for everyone, but I personally feel that I work just as well if not better sitting up in my comfy bed as I would sitting at a desk.

I ended up getting my own adjustable Tempur-Pedic for the Angels’ Den last year. It was super expensive, but I don’t buy super expensive things on a regular basis, and I have to say it was probably the best purchase I have ever made! I absolutely love it, and I happily sit up in bed all day while I am working, and just in general when I am getting things done in the evenings or on the weekends. The bed adjusts to the perfect height for sitting up in a productive position to work at a laptop, with just the right back support.

The Guest Room Side of the Angels’ Dencollage - guest room

We sometimes sleep in the Angels’ Den, and the best part is we now can let guests sleep in our room when they come over and know that we have a very comfortable second bedroom all ready to go. Since I work from this room and all my work stuff is set up here, we usually would only have guests stay in the Angels’ Den if I don’t have to work, otherwise, we switch out our own room as the guest room just because it makes sense for my activities during weekdays.

I always liked the idea of having a nice guest room all set up for guests, but it is so rare that guests come to stay that I hate to have a whole room pretty much just go to waste the rest of the year. The Angels’ Den has solved this problem nicely because we can let guests have the master bedroom when they come to stay, and the Angels’ Den makes for an exceptionally comfortable bedroom. The rest of the time, it is all mine!

The bins in the end table on the left-hand side of the bed are empty. I like the idea of having empty drawers ready to be used when guests come to stay. If we will be staying in this room when guests will be staying over, I can just move clothes into these bins, so that way we already have storage areas ready to be moved into and can maintain a neat and organized room.

The Office-y Side of the Angels’ Denoffice side collage

I prefer the guest room look to the office look, so everything that would be considered work or office related has a place to hide away when not in use. This way, the room is a peaceful space I can come to without visual reminders of things to do when it is time to just relax.

I have had a nice lap desk from Levenger for a while that Michael gave me as a gift several years ago. It works perfectly to set my laptop on while I sit up in the bed to do my work. No real desk necessary!

I use the bottom bin in the end table on the right-hand side of the bed to store my laptops. The top bin on this side is where I store my folio for processing the mail, my small notebook and pen, the remote for the TV, and the remote to adjust the bed. I also always keep a hair tie stashed in there.

On top of this end table I have a candle warmer that I use to keep my cup of tea or coffee warm in the morning. This also happens to be one of Shenanigans’ favorite places to keep watch over our street! There is a power strip hidden between the end table and the bed for all the plugs for the laptops so they are out of the way.

The bulk of “office” stuff is tucked away in the closet, which has so much going on I am going to save that tour for another post. Stay tuned!

More to Come

I have so much to say about my room I am going to break it up over several posts. Next time I will give a tour of the rest of the organization and decor of the actual room, and then will conclude with the organization of the closet which I am most proud of.

Do you have a special place in your home you have converted into just your own? I would love to hear about it, so share your thoughts! Namaste!

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