Extra Room Organization Series: Angels’ Den Additional Storage & Decor

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“You deserve to have everything in your life exactly the way you want it.”How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield

Click here for an introduction to the Angels’ Den if you have no idea what it is.

The Angels’ Den is so special to me because it is the space in our house that I can call all my own and decorate and organize in whatever way I want. Although the closet is the bulk of my organization system in the Angels’ Den (which I will go through in detail next time), other areas of the room also serve as storage for a few items that either don’t fit in the closet or just don’t make sense to be in there.

Storage Under & Behind the Bed

collage - under & behind bed - numbered

I have just a few things stored under or behind the bed currently:

  1. An under-the-bed storage bag to store wrapping paper – I dream of one day having an awesome “wrapping station”, possibly wall-mounted, in my room. Until then, I have a storage bag that fits large wrapping paper rolls nicely and has some compartments for tissue paper, ribbons, and gifts bags. It is not the best solution for wrapping paper storage, but is a step above my old system which was just standing up the wrapping paper rolls in the closet only to have them fall out on the occasion that they were in any way touched. This bag contains the wrapping paper and other wrapping things nicely for now.
  2. Sneakers – I have recently started keeping my sneakers under the bed. I am currently training to walk a half-marathon in February, so I am walking for an hour during my lunch break 3 times a week right now, with longer walks on the weekends. I keep the shoes right under the bed so I am all set to go when the clock lets me. Having whatever I need to go for a walk handy when the time comes helps keep me motivated to actually go for a walk.
  3. A yoga mat – I have 3 yoga mats that I have collected for various reasons over the years stashed around the house right now: one under a chair in my bedroom, one under the bed in the Angels’ Den, and one in the living room under the couch. Although I would normally think it is unnecessary to have such redundancy, I have made an exception for my yoga mats because anything that improves my motivation to do something healthy is worth it to me to keep around. Having a yoga mat already in the room is one less excuse to deal with when the time comes to do yoga.
  4. A basket with my hand weights – I will be honest that I haven’t been in any kind of regular habit of using these hand weights for strength training in recent times (years), however, I know it would only be good for me so I keep them around until the day that I am ready to get back into strengthening and toning with weights on a regular basis.
  5. Extra pillows & exercise ball – Behind the bed I have a few extra pillows and sometimes a blanket or two stashed as well as an exercise ball that I used to use for Pilates and have had forever. Like the hand weights, I haven’t used this piece of exercise equipment in quite a while, but I figured I would hang onto it since it is in good condition and you never know when you might want to get back into Pilates!
  6. Shredder – The shredder lives behind the right-hand side end table. This used to be in the closet, but it obstructed the access to one of the cabinets so it wasn’t the best setup. Keeping it behind the end table makes it easily accessible and also out of sight so the room can still maintain the non-office-y appearance.

Inspiration Required

collage - wall (large)

At the time that we were working on decorating this room, I was going through some major stress. One day while at Hobby Lobby I wasn’t really planning on getting things to put up on the walls, but I found one thing and just sort of kept going. I wanted to get as much positivity infused into the room as possible. I wanted to surround myself with positive messages, so if I was dealing with negativity from others or drama or problems, I would have something positive to look at to help me try to compensate for the madness. I think it worked, and continues to work to this day.

There is still much much more to the Angels’ Den. Next time I will go through the organization of the closet, which allows the room to stay tidied up and makes it truly functional not only for office-related activities but also provides plenty of storage for pretty much all of my stuff that wouldn’t be stored in my actual bedroom (or the garage, at least for now). Namaste!

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