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“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

I am majorly into planning and organizing. Sometimes I fear that that means there is something psychologically wrong with me, like I have control issues. Actually, it is more that I fear other people might think that about me. I feel like I know the difference between trying to control everything and letting go.

Or so I think. This week I am listening to the Hay House Start the New You Now webinar, and I am so grateful to have the time each day to do some soul-searching. I am discovering that in order for me to accomplish the things I have planned, there are many more changes I must create within myself first. Namely, my constant thought track.

The Secret Saboteur

I have known this about myself for a very long time, but haven’t been brave enough to fully commit to being a person filled with the true positive energy that is a likely prerequisite for recognizing and experiencing miracles. I try really hard to be positive on the surface, but am plagued by my constant negative thoughts that I often don’t even realize are happening.

I have been working on monitoring my thoughts for the past few days. For example, I was just at the grocery store about an hour ago, and the very nice woman cashier asked one of the bag boys to get me a bag of ice, and then proceeded to tell him to put the bag with cold items next to the bag of ice. My immediate, practically unconscious thought was that she was being bossy, condescending, and controlling towards this guy.

As soon as I realized the thought, I stopped myself. I recognized that that particular thought could not be helpful to anyone. I reminded myself that this is the exact type of thought that is keeping me stuck in a pattern I am not super pleased with that was created by a long long line of negative thoughts.

I decided to think a different thought. “It was so nice of her to ask him to get me ice so I didn’t have to, and it was so nice of him to get it for me. She is doing her job and helping him to be a better bag boy. Maybe he is new.” Then I just let the whole thing go.

The Tiny Moments Have More Power Than We Think

It seems so trivial. If this were just one isolated incident, it would be. But the truth is that probably only someone who thinks these types of inane thoughts on a regular basis would even think it in the first place. And usually, I am so caught up in getting things done that I don’t even realize they are happening.

Wow, no wonder the things I aspire to be seem so difficult to attain. This is the least of the negative thoughts. The most obvious are the ones that go like “I am not good enough”, “I could never do that”, “I am not qualified”, and on and on forever until someone stands up and says “Enough!”, and stops the cycle.

That someone, of course, will have to be me. The only person who can end this type of suffering is the person who is doing the suffering. Obviously no one else can monitor my thoughts, even if they wanted to take that burden off my plate.

So the Work Continues

Each person has their own work to do. One of my visions is to have a truly organized and streamlined outer life. It is my hope to one day be organized to the point where I can help other people be organized, if only through living by example. I want to help other people see it is possible. Before I can get to this place, I have to first resolve my inner issues.

Allowing ourselves to know our dreams will happen in their own time takes courage. Knowing that they will come in their own time requires patience. Be courageous and believe what you want will come true. Then get to dissecting those tiny, seemingly insignificant thoughts. You will know when you are on the right track.

Have you had an experience when you recognized a negative thought and turned it into a positive? Please share your thoughts below. Namaste.

image credit: AlicjaRodzik

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