Every Day Starts a New Year

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The name Awaken & Begin came about to encompass the idea that we can, at any moment, choose to live the lives we want. Each day is a new opportunity to lay another brick, building the lives we dream about.

We might not do it every day, and that’s okay. It isn’t about being perfect. It is about constantly getting back on the path, no matter how many times we may deviate from our plans to do things perfectly. It doesn’t take perfection; it takes starting again more times than giving up.

This time of year is buzzed with the excitement that it is a new year. There is nothing wrong with the buzz. It’s a great thing! But it doesn’t have to just be exciting to start and try new things now. What about March 16th or June 3rd? Unless one of these dates is your birthday (I always feel a similar New Years-y feeling around mine), they are likely just like all the others, and could possibly be less than sparkly and exciting, especially if they contain mundane and tearfully boring or stressful tasks. Ugh. Those kinds of days.

Every day is a new chance to start anew, to pick up where you left off yesterday, or three days ago, or last week. Every day is the start of a new day, week, month, year. There is time. Time is on your side, whether you are saving money, losing weight, or building a business.

Tiny actions are better than no action, and I am continually surprised (although you would think I would have learned by now), that when I commit to doing one little thing, like write for 20 minutes, I am almost always led to another tiny action, and before I know it, things I once thought were impossible are happening more quickly than I could have imagined.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, although it is enticing. I have very specific goals that I focus on, and my current goals are carried over from months before the new year turned. Still, I am riding the high of the new year’s buzz, and enjoying the sense that this is the year for great things. Because, why not? This year, and the next five. All perfect timing for great things to happen.

And great things will happen because we will be sure to see that they do. We have more power than we think. So here’s to being powerful in the new year, and increasingly so in the years that follow! Namaste!

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  1. Bliss Jan 11, 9:16 am

    There are things I’m determined to learn that require a little study and practice each day. I’ve given up on most of them at one point or other and then dragged myself back to the starting block and began again. I try to keep the image of a bilingual guitar player/singer in my mind and sweep the little discouragements (conjunction puzzles and sore fingers) aside like dust. Perfection is not an option, only that I get a little better each day.

    1. anniehurley Jan 12, 6:01 am

      Definitely! Little by little. Easier said than done though 🙂 Letting go of perfection is a great start! And starting again is always courageous and productive, no matter how many times.


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