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The appearance of a space affects how we feel. External clutter makes me feel unsettled, knowing that things are out of place and have not yet been dealt with. Clutter or junk in a space represents unfinished tasks and forces our brains to constantly reconsider and recalculate when we will deal with them. Ugh!

Organized Space

Organized spaces. Ah. An organized space makes me feel like I can take a big deep breath. I might as well be relaxing on the beach in an organized room.

One of my someday dreams is to have a ballet studio type room, like the one Hannah has in the movie Troop Beverly Hills; not for  dance or gymnastics, but as dedicated space to do yoga, meditate, and any other activities of wellness someone might want to do. Feeling zen all the while.

The room would have hardwood floors, a mirrored wall, yoga mats, and some yoga props. Very uncluttered. Very zen.

Undefined Space

I grew up in a house with an “extra” room. This room didn’t have one specific purpose, other than to be the room I slept in sometimes if we had a guest, who we would give my room to (because it was more accomodating than said “extra” room).

From my own experience, I can only suspect that there are a good number of households with such an “extra” room, or other type of “extra” space that isn’t exactly defined in its purpose.

The problem with not defining the purpose of a space is that it can become a catch-all for the clutter in the house that hasn’t yet been dealt with. Especially when it comes time for company to come over. Kind of like the garage. No time to deal with this pile of stuff now. Let’s just put it in the extra room for now.

Dedicated Space

Our “yoga room” is my favorite room in the house (well, besides the kitchen). I don’t quite have the complete in-home yoga studio, but it is close enough for me! The room has a very simple layout with a few essentials:

  • Two yoga mats
  • A low light lamp
  • An exercise ball
  • A blanket (for meditation; also doubles as a doggy bed, apparently)
  • a table with candles, incense, and a box for matches

We chose this particular room based on the location and look of the room. There are already three little windows on the wall at the front of the house that have that zen feel to them, and would be awkward to try to cover with shades for sleeping. It is also one of the smaller bedrooms.

I use this room nearly everyday, typically right after I wake up. I walk over, and depending on the time I have and my mood, will do about 5 to 20 minutes of yoga, followed by 20 minutes of meditation. Sometimes I light the candles for the yoga by candlelight effect.


This room also doubled as a “kids’ room” at our holiday party this year. It was nice to have a room where we could send the kids, and they found the exercise ball to be particularly entertaining (although I am not sure how safe their game was!). We also recently set up the room with an air mattress for an extra guest over the holidays when we had enough guests to fill up our other rooms. It was nice to be able to comfortably sleep an extra guest in an already clutter-free room.

It’s Possible

Is there an “extra” room lurking in your house? A hallway? Ok, the hallway might be a stretch, but you get the idea.

If you already have a defined space dedicated to exercise and relaxation in your home (sans clutter), or were inspired to create one, I would love to hear about it! Tackling clutter is so overwhelming because there is so much emotion attached to stuff from the past and the dread of dealing with unfinished things. Visualize how great it will feel to have your very own clutter-free zone, and focus on that feeling while you deal with the de-cluttering process. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for anyone!

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  1. Meg Evans Jan 10, 10:03 am

    I have an extra room in my basement that is intended to be a workout room with a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and an erg. Unfortunately, at present we have none of those machines; the room is full of the stuff my daughter brought back home when she graduated from college, and there is clutter in the closet too. I had in mind to get the room organized after she moves out; but I probably should start working on the closet now, so that there’s not as much to do later. Maybe if I get rid of enough junk from the closet, there will be enough space to put all my daughter’s things in there. And you’re right, that would make me feel better about it!


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