Book Nook Review: Walking with Elijah

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“The life journeys of humans are not random.” – Elijah, in Walking with Elijah: The Fable of a Life Journey and a Fulfilled Soul by Doobie Shemer

Shamanism is one of those practices with which most people are unfamiliar. I was one of them before reading Walking with Elijah by Doobie Shemer.

Doobie Shemer is a corporate computer software engineer-turned-shaman after an Introduction to Shamanism workshop. What is shamanism, you ask?

A shaman makes spiritual journeys to gain insights to provide spiritual guidance to those in need. Walking with Elijah is a collection of shamanistic journeys made by the author, whose teacher is the prophet Elijah.

The book is very deep and primarily takes place at the level of the soul. There is a lot of description of the beyond from the teachings of Elijah and the concept of reincarnation is heavily elaborated on. The book also provides breathtaking descriptions of nature, including of the kibbutz in Israel where the author grew up.

The concepts, particularly the idea of shamanistic journeys, are very non-conventional and might be difficult to grasp and absorb at first. More important are the messages provided by Elijah.

Lessons from Elijah

Our souls need energy, healing, and love — which we access through the connection of our three corresponding chakras with their sources: green (Heart Chakra — source of energy), blue (Throat Chakra — source of healing), and red (Root Chakra — source of love). I personally enjoyed learning a bit more about the meaning of the chakras in this book as they are often referred to in yoga practice.

“We all rely on and share the same basic foundation— we live by a set of common rules— but in order to accomplish our individual soul’s purpose, each one of us needs to walk through both light and darkness.”

This book is full of great explanations, usually by Elijah, including the need for destruction in opposition to creation in nature. I enjoyed the author’s insights into the essential role of opposites of happiness and satisfaction in our spiritual growth as human beings. This realization makes the striving for 100% happiness and satisfaction seem silly, and allows the acceptance of temporary sadness and disappointments to be so much easier.

The connection of mind, body, and soul is well-defined, making the significance of caring for the body and mind to the evolution of the soul very clear.

With a profound conclusion, Walking with Elijah is about the evolution of the human race. This becomes most apparent to the reader towards the end of the book and also upon reflection of all the stories leading up to the final story in the book.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read this enlightening text. Walking with Elijah would be a good read for anyone seeking to learn more about shamanism or a deeper understanding of the spiritual world. If you read this book, please share your thoughts below! Namaste!

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